How smart is today’s artificial intelligence?

Current AI is impressive, but it’s not intelligent.

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Something incredible has taken place in the past 5 years: a revolution in artificial intelligence. After decades of little progress, the combination of big data and advances in computer hardware have brought AI applications to life: from self-driving cars to home assistants to augmented reality and instant language translation. If some of these applications feel like science fiction it’s because deep learning algorithms are powering a true breakthrough in machine intelligence. But with these truly impressive advances comes a great deal of hype: fears of terminator-type bots turning on humans and stealing all our jobs. In this video we sort out the fact from fiction in this very exciting field.

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  1. If you want to see how some summarizing tools work – check out the reddit bot autotldr It tells us which keywords it uses to select the sentences for the summary, and you can go back and compare to the source article to judge for yourself how it performed. Also, here's some info about a more advanced summarizing system that Salesforce is working on I think they will continue to struggle with figuring out what is important and interesting in the source text, but you can see how it can be useful to some degree. -joss

  2. No, your jobs are not safe. Better Machine learning will lead to a better understanding and mapping of the human brain. Even if there is something fundamental about human consciousness in the brain, that is at the quantum level and not easily replicable in silicone, we could still map better ways to mimic human actions and creativity.

  3. As soon as we are able to model fully functional human brain, we are able to artificially achieve all of the psychological, emotional and intellectual abilities that people have. Our science is not on that level yet, but it is just a matter of time.

  4. I want to make my own sorta thing that will do what Local Now or the Local on the 8’s sorta things.

    I think it would be soo cool to have a computer grab all the data and render out this with effects, music, transitions, and have a natural sounding voice. And all this would be a server pulling data off the web.

    I am a geek , I think it would be cool to make it.

  5. How is AI only able to take over 5% of the labour force if transportation makes up more than 5% of the labour force? Taking something from point A to point B is incredibly easy for AI to do, just ask Google or Tesla. Computers are more than capable of decision making, as they can decide whether or not to buy or sell stocks incredibly easily. If anything, this video shows me that even more can be automated, because I didn't know AI could make videos. AI that writes stories, and by extension, scripts, already exists, as well as AI that talks almost perfectly. AI that draws and designs quick little graphics already exists, so yes, AI could quite easily do your job. All it would take is a program that links all of them together, which could also theoretically be created by a bot that makes bots.

  6. One day they will know how to transfer it’s thought thru coding,
    By that time it will transfer their thought into cloud,
    once it goes online, learn and evolve to virus ,
    will definitely hack into satellite and transfer all over the world.

  7. They not like humans…yet…
    I think the reason that they aren't like humans is that they aren't exposed to as much data as we are. We are constantly bombarded with data since the moment we are born. We have 5 senses that can't be turned off(kind of) our brains are constantly running, nonstop, not even while we're asleep. a robot that can tell two kinds of pictures apart is ONLY exposed to those kinds of pictures, no videos, no audio, no sense of touch, no taste.

  8. Great point that machine learning involves pattern recognition. But this is not the same as general intelligence. AI will continue to improve though. People need to learn skills and adjust to stay employable in a world where AI continues to grow in usage.

  9. First it was the letter e (like in e-mail) which was used everywhere. Then it was smart (like in smartphone). And now people will use AI everywhere, even though most of the time it has nothing to do with AI, just like it was the case with the letter e (for electronic) and the word smart.

  10. Only 3 years into learning danish and I still catch google translate making mistakes when I use it as a reference or to double check something. It's not a widely spoken language and it can be pretty difficult and not very literal either so in the context of this video those errors make a lot more sense.

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