How To Go Vegan The Right Way! Vegan Tips For Beginners

What I wish I knew before I went vegan! How to eat vegan and lose weight, the different types of vegan diets, and my favorite substitutes! Today I’m answering all of your most asked questions about going vegan and sharing my experiences along the way!

*PLEASE keep in mind that I am not a nutritionist nor do I claim to be! Everything I discuss is purely my personal experience and research. I am by no means telling you how to live your life, I am purely sharing my journey to help out those who have asked me to film this over the last 2 years! I understand this can be an overwhelming topic, but all I ask is you share your opinions respectfully and to not attack others in the comments! Feel free to message me privately on Instagram if you have further questions/concerns directed toward me 🙂
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*HIGHLY recommend for anyone looking to go vegan the right way & get educated on your food’s impact on your health. Whether you want to go vegan, lose weight, or live a healthy life, pick this book up! It also has a bunch of great recipes for weight loss that are super satisfying and yummy!

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*While fictional, it puts the meat industry in perspective, as well as animal cruelty. Made me cry so hard!

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  1. I currently just started to work at chicfila and I’ve just decided that I’m completely done eating meat. This is gonna be so hard especially the fact that I get free food @ work…. 😭 thx for the vid tho, I’m the only one in my house that wants to do this and these tips helped. I just want to improve my health, lifestyle, +help the animals..

  2. This is one of my goals and you have been the one to continue influencing me to try this life style! I am worried about how to get healthy proteins because I am not a fan of beans, do you have any other suggestions for that as well? Love you and everything you stand for <3

  3. I watched a video and instantly I wanted to be vegan overnight I knew this would be hard because I am a Mexican and my family is Mexican and we eat white meat and red meat alot also I am 11 yrs. So I knew this would be hard I am trying really hard to become Vegan I also want to be vegan so it can help me eat better anyways I am really trying and I ate a 2 tacos today and I feel so bad right now because I really want to be Vegan!

  4. I’m not vegan but I was vegetarian for a little bit. It’s been hard to transition back into it but I love learning more about the vegan lifestyle and recipes. I definitely want to incorporate more vegan friendly dishes into my diet. This was very informative

  5. I've followed you since the beginning, Caitlin, and I love this video! I've been a vegetarian my entire life and lately have been struggling with not living a plant-based diet. Great approach and I totally sobbed during Okja as well <3

  6. Here's the thing about veganism – I will not throw out my leather goods. I bought them when I was vegetarian (I was vegetarian for 20 years because meat is freaking disgusting, not for ethical reasons), and to throw them away seems extremely wasteful even as a vegan.

    I won't buy NEW leather goods, and I'm always promoting the alternatives. Just throwing it out there that not all vegans are willing to stop using/owning leather goods. Like that's not always a goal.

  7. Love the vegan videos girl! Is becks also vegan? Right now I’m struggling with “coming out” as vegan to my boyfriends family as I KNOW they won’t understand. I also don’t want to offend anyone by not attending his family functions ( dinners, parties etc.) and not eating the meat/cheese dishes.

  8. I went vegetarian about a year and a half ago for environmental reasons, and did go mostly vegan for a bit too, but it was too hard living with my parents etc. So for now I’m vegetarian until I can move out. But that short amount of time eating mostly vegan I noticed my skin cleared up sooo much! I’ve struggled with acne for years, and cutting dairy was the only thing that truly helped. Also switching to super natural, simple skin care products. So that’s another plus of the lifestyle! Anyway, great tips! Always love your vids!

  9. This video has come at the PERFECT time! I really want to make the transition back into veganism. I fell out of it for some reasons which are NOT at all good excuses, so I really want to put in effort to get back to where I was. Thank you for this!

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