I Tried Going Vegan For A Week

So, I tried being vegan for a week as a loving meat eater. Here’s how it went!

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  1. Oh, Candace… I usually love your videos, but I'm not even a vegan and I found this pretty offensive, at least to ethical vegans. However, I'm very certain that wasn't your intention, but you really should've done more research and went into this with a better attitude. It's ok though, I still love you.

  2. Half of these comments were so predictable, as they are on any video where someone tries doing a vegan diet. Keyword is diet here, yall. She isn't going vegan or taking on the vegan lifestyle. She's not going to do this long term. Any acting like people turn vegan over night even the majority of the time is haphazard at best. A lot of people go slow, and that's okay. A lot of people have set backs, and that's okay. If you're not even going to care that someone is making an effort you have no business commenting at all.

  3. I think vegans get a bad reputation because they seem angry all of the time. When you first go vegan that is a very easy role to fall into. I was guilty of that when i first went vegan nearly 5 years ago. And i’ll tell you, it was because i felt frustrated that there is an entire industry dedicated to misleading the public for monetary gain. And the victims are all of us and the animals.
    I would compare it to being the only one who knows of this horrible thing that’s taking place and seeing everyone around you completely blind to it. so you try to show them and they just think you’re can be frustrating.
    Positivity really does work better in conveying points of view.
    anyway, good on you for giving it a go!

  4. you should probably try veganism correctly next's actually cheaper than a meat based diet. please be educated before you influence others. Please read the China Study by cambell, happy gut by pedre, and gut by enders. your future health depends on higher plant based diet

  5. Honestly so sick of people "trying" veganism videos without doing literally ANY research whatsoever, like you'd think they could actually produce quality content and show even a *little effort lmao.
    Sum of video: trash content, person in video has no knowledge about health or eating, couldn't even finish 10 min of an informational film.

  6. The living conditions of factory farmed animals are BEYOND horrific.
    Free range is no better..
    These animals all are deemed the same fate.
    There is no respect or mercy in how they are brutally killed..
    You are eating dead meat loaded with fear hormones and then colored by a chemical to make it look all pink and fresh..
    It's dead matter HOW you slice it.

  7. Definitely go vegetarian first, I was vegetarian for three years before transitioning to vegan and I needed that in between time for sure. I understand the lack of choices- I live in the biggest city in Kansas and we still only have two restaurants here marketed to vegans. The struggle 😱

  8. I’m a university student, so it’s safe to say I’m broke, but I’m also into fitness and a vegan. Personally, I can do it without spending loads, because I don’t tend to eat processed vegan replacements daily. Canned or dried beans / lentils and soy products like tofu will be your best friends for protein, but you can also get protein from veggies- I mean, where do you think the animals you’re eating get their protein from? I buy cheap veggies from the market and freeze what I can or buy frozen veg on offer, I batch make foods like chilli, soup, and curry and freeze portions (great for when you’re studying and have 0 motivation to cook, because it’s basically a homemade ready meal), and rice is life. With budget veganism, same as any low cost or healthy diet plan, buying things on offer, not buying overly processed food, and making things yourself saves you so much money.

    Don’t get me wrong, you still need to treat yourself and spend on those sugary processed delicious replacements sometimes. You can get great vegan pizzas now (if you’re in England I 10/10 recommend Zizzis), Ben and Jerry’s have vegan ice cream, and whenever I’m sad I make sugar free protein chocolate mug cake that actually tastes good (yes that’s possible) to shove in my face. But if you’re living a healthy lifestyle you only eat that stuff like once or twice a week maximum anyway.

    I was a vegetarian for nearly 10 years by the time I went vegan aged 20, and I hadn’t consumed dairy for two years prior to that. If you don’t think you can do it straight away, any change you make towards a plant based diet is a positive one- try your best, and don’t beat yourself up for your failures. I promise you it gets easier as time goes on 😊

  9. I’m so disappointed in this video 🙁 I was a regular viewer up until now but you really need to educate yourself properly before you get into veganism. Please don’t use your platform to spread misinformation!! We as vegans may come off as “annoying” but it’s because of videos like this that we constantly have to defend our reasoning for wanting to eat plant based.

  10. One week huh? It took me 2 YEARS to finally get the basics down. That's including, preparing plant based meals that make me happy, and not want to return to a sad diet. It also meant learning about the environment and all we've done to destroy it, and what I can do to help repair it. It meant learning about what the hell I'm putting into my body so I can give it a chance to heal itself from all the damage I've created. I went vegan 3 years ago when I was going thru a "What the hell do I want to eat" moment for 3 weeks, that turned into a "what the hell is wrong with me " moment. I finally asked myself what do I really want. I've never looked back, and 3 of my family members that tryed to make my decision a bad one are now vegan, and asking me to make certain dishes they can't live without. Please, we're not being rude. We're just sick and tired of the crap,excuses and whining. At least if you're going to try something this important, give it the time and patients to LEARN MORE ABOUT IT. This clearly wasn't a good topic for a 1 week trial.

  11. Wow the comment section is toxic! Hey good effort for trying something new. Not everyone has to believe the same thing or eat the same diet!! All people are entitled to their own beliefs but that doesn’t mean they can force them on you. You are super sweet and I hope that this cesspool of awful didn’t get you down!! 😘

  12. I think you should have researched a little bit more about what to eat before doing this 😛 And you didn't have to worry about cross contact. I'm vegan and I eat things that "may contain traces of milk" or whatever all the time. Also, you should put arugula on the pizza after you bake it! 🙂

  13. Watch Food Inc. or something so you stop whining about wanting meat. You didn't go vegan in this video, you went plant-based. Veganism is just as much for ethical reasons as it is for health reasons. Obviously, you don't really care about the animals.

  14. No hate here, it seemed like you treated it the same way that failing vegans have. Being restrictive with choices. Veganism has been a journey that has opened me up to new varieties of foods. I love your outlook though. Thanks for sharing.

  15. You don't have to get b12 shots or eat animal products to get enough b12!!!!! Daily or weekly supplement pills are insanely cheap, or you can take a multi that includes it! I think you would have a better experience if you tried a longer challenge. The learning curve is steep as you adjust your knee-jerk habits to think of other foods to satisfy your cravings, and once you move beyond needing the pre-packaged processed foods the whole thing gets much easier and much cheaper. I would say to give vegan eating an honest try, at least a month would give you a more realistic perspective.

  16. Try a vegan challenge Candace Lowry. This attempt you did here is a joke. Just makes you look stupid. (No research, almost none vegan meals shown, bad attitude) And veganism is not a diet. It's kinda all inclusive 😀 You'll understand when you are vegan.

  17. Hey Candace! I always love your videos, but I feel like there was a lack of correct information on this one and it's probably going to confuse people who don't know their facts and trust you. I just felt like I wanted to let you know what I thought. <3

  18. Omg the comments on here terrible..I've looked into being a vegan and i see all the benefits.but damn give this girl a break…no one is recruiting her with the harsh mean crude comments..omg. The video was interesting this was her experience not a life style choice for her…if she looked into it seriously then maybe…who wouldn't..but this shouldn't be a beat down fest..vegans need to be more happy…chill..we don't have to drag people down to prove a point.

  19. 🙁 wish you didn’t take this experience so lightly. Going vegan changed my life. My gut, skin and hair have never been so healthy. My energy levels are WOKE and if you incorporated more legumes and grains in your diet you’d see enough protein. Remember we don’t tend to need more than 40-50 g a day! Eating more Whole Foods is actually cheaper- shop in bulk bins as well. B-12 can be found in under the tongue sprays too! It gives some people acne though, make sure you don’t get too much B12!

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