If you add lemongrass to your diet, here’s the incredible effect on your body

Lemongrass – well looks a whole lot like grass with long strands of green that have a very pungent lemony taste! It is used widely for a variety of culinary purposes as an addition to stir-frys and soups in Asian cuisine, as well as in a variety of desserts such as tarts, cakes, and meringues!


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Lemongrass isn’t just for its lemony taste, but is also used for medicinal purposes for its anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties! It even is often used in teas to provide that zesty lemon taste that people love so much without all the acid that comes with it!

Lemongrass is not to be confused with Lemon balm however, which in its looks has a staggering resemblance to mint, and though is stronger in its lemony fragrance is not as lemony in flavor as lemon balm. So what are some of the health benefits of lemongrass you ask? Let us take a closer look!


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Lemongrass is probiotic!

I don’t mean that it carries live, active cultures within it like yogurt, but due to its anti-bacterial properties lemon grass aids in digestion! It does this by helping to make a fertile environment for the good bacteria that is already within your digestive tract and an unaccommodating one for the bad bacteria.

Within my research I have been noticing the trend of “pungent” flavored herbs and fruits tending to have this effect on the digestive system. With its lemony scent and flavor its almost fun to imagine that you are “spring cleaning” in regards to your digestive system as it cleanses and detoxifys!

Lemongrass is useful in regulating cholesterol!

A study at the University of Wisconsin in 1989 found that their subjects who had consumed 140-milligrams of lemongrass oil daily noticed reduced cholesterol levels. This is most likely because lemongrass helps to reduce the absorption of cholesterol in the intestines.

Additionally it helps oxidize or break down LDL cholesterol in your system, i. e the bad cholesterol, which is a great deal considering that you’d only have to drink a cup of lemongrass tea a day to begin experiencing this benefits!

Lemongrass is anti-inflammatory to the max!

I often find myself discussing the anti-inflammatory properties of different herbs. However, what I think sets lemongrass apart is its ability to suppress cyclooxygenase-2.

This rather archaic word is referring to  an enzyme in the process of inflammation which causes pain, of course your body is trying to warn you not to stress that area anymore, but wouldn’t it just be better if we got all the information we needed and we didn’t have to hurt as much? Indeed!


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Lemongrass is a lemony delight and can be incorporated in many various culinary transfigurations If you so please. However, the easiest way to start taking advantage of lemongrass is simply drinking lemongrass tea, even if you’re not the craziest fan of lemons themselves, I’m sure you’ll find that lemongrass is still subtle enough to be enjoyable!

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