In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Texas officers in this town handed out turkeys instead of tickets

Getting pulled over is not a fun experience. When you’re driving along and you see a cop trailing behind you, only for the cop car’s lights to flash, a chill runs down your spine, not to mention a sigh from your wallet from the sudden ticket expense you’re about to incur.

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But imagine getting pulled over and having a cop approach your window, only to hear him say, “Instead of giving you a citation today, we’re going to give you a turkey.”

That is exactly what drivers experienced in Fort Worth, Texas.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Fort Worth police officers went on “poultry patrol” where they handed out turkeys instead of tickets for minor traffic violations.


Source: Fox

The frozen turkeys were donated to the Fort Worth Police Department by Metro Ministries.

With the generous donation, the officers decided to spread good will by turning a dreadful moment into a happy surprise.

According to a local ABC News affiliate, five teams of officers spread out around the city on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, pulling over drivers for small traffic offenses before shocking them with a free turkey.


Source: Fox

Naturally, people were pretty amazed – but mostly because they weren’t going to get a ticket. For instance, Jacoby Williams was ecstatic to be handed a turkey instead of a ticket after he was pulled over for not having a front license plate.


Source: Fox

“Not really sure all my wife has planned. We may fry it. May give it away,” Jacoby told a local Fox News affiliate. “It’s a good, very cool thing that they’re doing.”

Indeed, the gesture was greatly appreciated by the community.

“I’m pleased to see it, because there’s so much hate in this country right now,” Howard Miles said, who was also a lucky turkey-recipient. “To see brotherly love, it’s very, very inspiring.”

Sherman Pitt, a pastor of the Kingdom Tabernacle Deliverance Center, was also pulled over after forgetting to wear his seat belt. He had forgotten to wear it because he was only making a short drive… to pick up turkeys and other items to give away as well.

“That’s a blessing,” he said regarding his free turkey. “We’re giving these away, so that works.”

Overall, Fox reported that the officers gave away a total of 25 frozen turkeys that Wednesday.

Sounds like a pretty Happy Thanksgiving to me.

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[Source: Washington Times]

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