Inflamed Cyst Apocalypse Being Popped Into Next Week Is Somehow Satisfying AF

If you’re like me (someone with pores as wide open as the Chanel Tunnel and more greasy than a chip shop window) then you’re probably never more than a day away from a major outbreak of spots.

It’s a shame: even the most chiselled, striking Adonis can look downright repulsive with a pizza face, and for average Joes like myself, a big fat zit or bulging cyst can be a total deal-breaker in the dating scene. That is hardly surprising when you’re walking around with the pus equivalent of Mount Krakatoa growing somewhere on your body, ready to erupt and shower you and any other unfortunates who happen to be stood up you in lumpy, bloodied mashed potato-like mess. Eurgh.

Despite these fairly nauseating details, it’s pretty hard not to get a sick sense of thrill out out squeezing a spot, or even squeezing a spot by proxy when watching a YouTube video of it. It’s pretty disgusting to look at someone else pushing what looks like old tartare sauce out of themselves, but it’s somehow oddly satisfying, even comforting, to think of all that messy, dribbling gunk being disposed of. It’s like the dermatological equivalent of bursting bubble wrap, if bubble-wrap had to be popped with a scalpel and drained of fluid that it.

For all those habitual zit-bursters out there, Dr Sandra Lee (aka: Dr Pimple Popper) is a veritable patron saint. The Californian dermatologist and serial cystbuster regularly posts videos of her many patients, detailing how each case is dealt with in high-res and stomach-turning detail. But this next case might just be her most challenging yet, when an infected cyst took an incredible 34-minutes to tackle!

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