Intro to Veganism for Senior High School Students

We had the opportunity to do an mini “intro to veganism” speech at a local high school here on Sint Maarten. It was for a health class so we were asked to focus on the health aspect and not to go in to environmental or ethics. Let us know if you have tips so we can continue to improve! 🙂

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  1. Excellent!The best explained video I have seen on veg!anism. I would so like to share it but unfortunately not all speak or understand English. I would love to translate it (Spanish Subtitles). If anyone can tell me how to do it here on youtube, I would appreciate it. I really think this is worth the translation. Again, congratulations

  2. I'm fact-checking as she requested.

    B12, isn't an organism: She may have just misspoken. She did mention though that B12 is naturally occurring in the environment. This is true. Our early foraging ancestors would have taken in a sufficient amount of B12 before later humans learned how to get nutriment much more quickly. As humans evolved more efficient hygiene, i.e. we started washing our vegetables, as such, we became more at risk for B12 deficiency. Though a real medical phenomenon, it's rarely dangerous. Injections aren't even necessary in most vegans. The speaker alluded that most Vegans need B12 injections (again I think mistakenly), definitely not true.

    Cholesterol IS essential for human life. We wouldn't have cells without it. However, we don't need it from exogenous sources (as she stated).

    On CO: Carbon monoxide in small quantities does not impose any health risks directly. The problem is that it makes meat look fresh (nice red color) even when it's not. That's the indirect health risk.

    On somatic cells: A somatic cell is any body cell, not just pus. In fact, pus is a combo of white blood cells, some platelets, and some blood proteins.

    On Fiber: At 36:29 she mentions that humans digest fiber. No. Humans cannot digest cellulose. We break the cells open via the grinding we do when eating. The soluble portion is digested, the insoluble portions are not. Think, celery, grasses, corn, etc.

    On Casein: No. There is no evidence that casein causes cancer. However, cancers do proliferate in it's presence. That said, cancers also proliferate in diets high in sugar as well.

    On acid PH: Humans can actually digest meat quite well, especially denatured meat proteins. Some vegetation could stay in our colon longer than you'd think, but regardless, everything eventually gets pushed through unless one has a medical condition. All food eventually breaks down.

    There is no need perpetuating vegan myths to make a point. Modern humans have become omnivores most likely due a nomadic lifestyle that our ancestors developed. We abandoned 16 hour foraging for an easier source of fats, sugars, and protein. However, we didn't need to. I'm Vegan and down for the cause but we must make sure that we are researching properly and not spreading bad science. This makes us look very silly as a group and ignorant.

  3. They let people in to schools to do presentation on Veganism?!! I went to school in the 90's (in the UK) and this would never have happened as I could imagine the complaints from Parents to the school when their kids to refuse the food on their plates. My Mum would have gone mad (had to wait till I left home at 18 to give up meat)

  4. So what I want to know, is why do vegans always make the claim that ALL male calfs are slaughtered for veil. If all male calfs are slaughtered for veil, how in the world do they inseminate the female cows? Someone please tell me.

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