Juul releases Bluetooth-enabled vape that monitors your hits

Juul is liberating a brand-new Bluetooth-enabled vape pen that will allow users to monitor how often they use the device.

Following a pilot program in Canada, the Juul C1 is now available to U.K. customers looking to modernize their vaping habit.

The device, which retails for PS24. 99 ($ 30 USD ), is designed to work in conjunction with an Android app. Users can monitor how often they vape, locate their invention if it’s lost, or even lock the maneuver remotely to keep others from exploiting it.

Juul has also taken steps to keep the C1 out of the paws of underage users. In a statement to The Verge, a Juul spokesperson said that users must prove their age before buy the brand-new device.

“To purchase the JUUL C1 device currently available on our e-commerce Web locates in Canada and the U.K ., customers have to go through a strict age-verification process, ” the spokesperson said. “This process includes referring photos of an identification report who the hell is checked against third-party databases to verify the customer’s age and identity.”

Data collected by the app, Juul likewise accentuated, is not connected to the user’s identity. The e-cigarette startup says other peculiarities such as usage limits could be added in the future.

It was unclear if a machine, once cross-file to a legal customer, could simply be sold or be provided to an underage customer or whether pairing the machine to a brand-new phone would prompt any age-verification mechanisms.

The new app comes after reproduced analysi of the company over its widespread vogue among underage useds. Last time Juul shut down its U.S.-based Facebook and Instagram notes so as not to unknowingly advertise its produces to children.


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