Katherine Kelly’s latest BBC drama has been AXED!

Ouch! Doctor Who spin-off Class has been ditched by the BBC after just one series.

The eight-part teen series, which stars ex Corrie actress Katherine Kelly as alien teacher Miss Quill, launched last October.

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Although it was expected to attract fans of Doctor Who, it failed to woo many viewers on BBC iPlayer and its BBC1 repeat.

Despite Peter Capaldi appearing as the Time Lord in the first episode, the show pulled in just 660,000 viewers.

None of the eight episodes made it into the 50 most-watched shows on-demand.

Even when the series was screened on proper telly – in four double-bills on BBC1 – viewers weren’t all that interested either.

The first episode attracted 1 million viewers, and bowed out on just 300,000.

That’s 500, 000 less than the average viewing figure for its time slot.

Class was dreamt up by novelist Patrick Ness and focused on  a group of teens at Coal Hill School, where Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) was a teacher.

However, reviews weren’t overly enthused with the show with on reviewer describing it a “bit like a hormonal teen – all over the place”.

While another said “It’s just too bad it doesn’t live up to the hype.”

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Well, folks, don’t worry, the show’s failure could offer us a silver lining.

It could mean that Kath Kelly might see sense and head back to the cobbles where she belongs.

Although we reckon she’ll probably want to carry on as a proper thespy actor type for a good while longer.

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