Kylie Jenner Channels Barbie in RACY New Photo Shoot!

Kylie Jenner has been doing this thing, don't know if you've noticed, where she seems to truly enjoy flaunting her body.

Like, she's really, really into it.

So it just makes sense that, for her latest photo shoot, she modeled for Flaunt magazine in what may be … well, it's not her raunchiest photo shoot yet, but it's still pretty scandalous.

For the shoot, which for some reason was titled "So Many Margaritas, So Little Feeling," Kylie did her best Barbie impersonation.

She's got the long blonde wig, the pink swimsuits, the pink makeup.

But we don't remember Barbie ever getting this nasty.

1. Classic Barbie

Classic barbie
We weren’t kidding about the Barbie vibes, see?

2. So Scandalous

So scandalous
Notice how her legs are so shiny, they almost look plastic?

3. Just Lounging

Just lounging
Uh oh, see that big scar on her thigh? Probably from thigh implants. SMH.

4. Less Barbie, More Ass

Less barbie more ass
Did Barbie ever rock a thong? We’re thinking no.

5. So Shiny!

So shiny
Seriously, what’s up with her legs? Is she wearing tights? Was she oiled up? Why is this happening?

6. Juicy

Kylie shared this one on her Instagram page, and captioned it “Life in plastic, it’s fantastic.” Like the “Barbie Girl” song, remember? But also like plastic surgery.

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