LeBron James Best Buckets From His 7 40-Point Games This Postseason

Relive LeBron’s best baskets from his impressive 40-point performances for the Cavaliers during the 2018 NBA playoffs! Subscribe to the NBA: …


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  1. we need to appreciate greatness before its gone. 8th straight finals , and never had a HOF coach like Mj,Kobe,Shaq and many more . if you've really paid attention to the nba for the past decade , just realise almost all the households names drafted before 2012 either hit their ceilings , didnt live up to the expectations , had a very short contention for championships , and majority of them are far from the player the once were, except for lebron. even Durant,Harden,Westbrooke,Curry&PG are 9+ yrs a pro and theve all had their best years already and are all on the aging side of progression

  2. Year 15 and it feels like hes still hasn't reached his full potential.. he doesn't get enough praise for constantly raising the ceiling on his game .Just think about it

    *The greatest natural feel of the game since Bird

    *Had the most Clutch finals stretch of all time. wining 3 straight to come back 3-1 against a 73-9 team(just imagine if the 72win bulls blew a 3-1 lead that year with someone like Hakeem,Barkely, or Malone averaging a 30+pt TrippleDouble)

    *Arguably greatest basketball IQ ever ,True Basketball savant

    * hes a PF playing PG who recently became an amazing 3 point shooter(half the 3s he makes come off combonation dribbles, stepbacks,sidesteps,fadeaways,and flatout trickshots)

    * his post arsenal is up there with Hakeem,

    *The Most Dominant FreightTrain ever on Fastbreak,Transitions,Driving to Basket,Dunks .

    * hes a better passer then Magic and equal as a Floor General to Stockton&CP3

    * hes as strong as Malone,

    *Athletic Phenom like MJ&Wilt were,

    *Hardworking,perfectionist & a obsessive student like Kobe ,

    *The most durable major sports athlete of modern era,

    And people forget he wasnt always this good he added all that to his game through trial&error .

  3. How could you hate on lebron ? I know why you would hate Lebron tho, who's the 1st person we think of when it come to lebron hate, wait… Don't text it cause he lurking for mentions . But yeah , one shouldn't perform this well and receive any hate. I played ball, yea in not 6'9 2whatever but Lebron is. #SpreadTheLove

  4. I just like to address every person who uses the finals record of an individual player to see how great he is
    It is a team accomplishment and a team game
    Don't point out their finals record because even if they did their absolute best
    It won't be enough because again it is a TEAM GAME
    If you wanna talk about greatness
    Watch them play and look at their stats and what they have to work with and don't just say they play with an all star
    See if they did contribute and if they are consistent

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