LeBron James Full Highlights 2015.11.17 at Pistons – 30 Pts, 23 in 1st Half!

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  1. If I measure LeBron on his clutch shots, I'd take Kobe over him. Kobe may have a bad percentage but he has more killer instinct than LeBron. Bron has no confidence with his shots in the final seconds. His shot is pure luck. #facts

  2. As a bay area native and as a Kobe fan, it's nice seeing people already disregarding LeBron as the best player in the world. Steph Curry is carving his way into the title fast. If Steph keeps up these stats, I wouldn't be surprised if everyone called him the best player in the world by the end of next season. The LeBron hype is finally dying down 🙂

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