LeBron James Full Highlights 2015.12.04 at Pelicans – 37 Pts, 8 Dimes, 23 Pts in 4th!.

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  1. To people thinking Curry can carry GSW the same way Lebron carries the Cavs, Exhibit A: GSW lose Curry for a bit, they lose 1 game but also win a couple. Last year when the Cavs had a healthy Love and Kyrie but lost Lebron for a good amount, they were below .500. The stats speak for themselves. Curry-riders are most likely NBA bandwagoners from the GS area too. You know nothing about basketball, you're just living on the hype GS is producing. And that's fine! But please remember you're still a dumbass when it comes to talking about basketball. Just go play in the corner.

  2. I'm not going to lie lebron is great with all due respect I'm not going to say he a bad player because he is not but please don't hate on curry. Curry has already scored 20+ in a quarter like 6 times already. Y'all can't deny that he is a better offensive player. Dude can shoot the 3 off his own dribble from like 4 feet behind the 3. He can pass like he steve Nash and he can have the handle like Iverson. Plus he usually gets doubled team leaving open his teammates. I like lebron he fun to watch. But if y'all going to hate in curry at least watch his highlights

  3. Realistically speaking. Lebron probably has two-three more years of being the top player in this league. When he declines, he will still be top 15 and will still be a dominant force able to rally and lead his troops to wins on any team he is on.

  4. I was so frustrated with this game. In the 4th, they couldn't stop LeBron from going to the rim and finishing. The final play they draw a play that requires him to use the entire court. You'd think he'd drive it in and get a score or get fouled but he decided to take a jump shot. It's that type of decision making by the Cavs that's got me frustrated. Why call a play that requires you to use the whole court if you're gonna just put a jump shot? makes no sense whatsoever. After that, i just knew they'd lose in the OT period.

  5. Damn you all got to stop! LeBron is amazing, Steph is amazing. Simple as that. Both changed the game and both will make us feel sad when they announce their retirement. So just enjoy them while they are putting up these great numbers.

  6. the shit lebron gayboys make up for this bum is so funny lmao.
    if he was so great he would start to play dominant from the beginning of the game like very great player. if he was so great he wouldnt dissapear in overtime. if he as so great he wouldnt let his "trash team" lose the game for him.
    hes a bitch and an overrated scrub that gets lucky sometimes like against the trash ass pelicans

  7. If the Pelicans are SO TRASH and the warriors blew them out twice in one week why tf the cavs struggle this whole game just to lose? if all the teams GSW plays are bad teams like u haters say so then why tf did the spurs and cavs lose to the pelicans …..

  8. The Cavs are starting to turn into the Cavs of old when Lebron was first on the team before he left for Miami, get Lebron the ball then they all stand at the 3 point line and just watch him. The isolation play style is what kills them, when they move the ball they're pretty much unstoppable, too bad they only do that for like 5 mins the whole game then run isolation the rest of it. Can't wait till Kyrie gets back, then Lebron will actually have another rim attacker with him.

  9. Lebron Score 37, with 28 in the 4th? LBJ fans be like: "GOAT!!!"

    Curry Score 40, scoring 21 in 5mins? People be like: "He not the best though, he just a shooter and you're a fanboy if you think otherwise!!!"

    LOL! Simple Lebron obsessive logic

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