LeBron James Full Highlights 2015 Finals G3 vs Warriors – 40 Pts, 12 Rebs, 8 Dimes, 1 BAD Man!

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  1. Man if only he hit that shot in game 1 THIS GAME WOULD PUT CAVS UP 3:0 IN THE SERIES,AND MOST LIKELY CAVS WOULD HAVE FINISHED IT IN GAME 4 AT HOME OR GAME 6 EITHER WAY I THINK CAVS WOULD HAVE BEATEN THESE WARRIORS IF ONLY LEBRON WOULD HAVE HIT THAT GAME WINNER IN GAME 1 PLUS IF YALL REMEMBER , KYRIE WAS INJURED PRIOR TO THE FINALS JUST LIKE LOVE WAS HOWEVER HE STILL PLAYED IN GAME 1 AND EVENTUALLY GOT HURT SO HE COULDN'T PLAY AT ALL , AND THAT HAPPENED IN THE OVERTIME , LEBRON HITS THAT GAME WINNER GAME 1 , CAVS WIN THE BALL GAME AND KYRIE DOESN'T GET HURT LIKE HE DID , LETS FACE IT INJURED KYRIE WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER THEN JR SMITH AND IMAN SHUMPERED CUZ THOSE GUYS GAVE CAVS AND LEBRON NOTHING AFTER THIS GAME ,THEREFORE CAVS LOST THE NEXT 3 GAMES CUZ LEBRON HAD NO HELP AT ALL HE WAS STILL DOING HIS THING HOWEVER GUYS LIKE JR SMITH , IMAN ,JAMES JONES JUST COULDN'T DELIVER ANYTHING AFTER THIS GAME 3 WIN , WE ALL SAW WHEN THEY WERE HITTING SHOTS AND SCORING AT LEAST OR JUST 10 POINTS EACH GOLDEN STATE HAD PROBLEMS AND LIKE I SAID IF LEBRON HIT THAT GAME ONE WINNER THE SERIES WOULD HAVE BEEN OVER CUZ LEBRON WOULD HAVE WENT ALL OUT GAME 4 EVEN IF HE HAD TO TAKE 50 SHOTS TO DO SO ,IT WOULD HAVE BEEN A WRAP . Instead what happened was jr SMITH and IMAN the cavs starters that year did nothing after game 3 and between them 2 couldn't and didn't score 10 points , think about that 2 shooting guards the starters didn't score 10 points between em , how the hell was LeBron gonna beat this GS team ??? Games 5 and especially 6 LeBron had nothing left in the tank as he gave it his all and much respect king James ! I have no idea why cavs traded away mozgov but paid undersized center in Tristan Thompson 98 million for 4 years as we saw mozgov was better then TT , HE'S TALLER AND CAN SHOOT JUMP SHOTS CAVS THIS YEAR WOULD HAVE BEEN WAY BETTER WITH HIM ON THE TEAM. Imagine if love and KYRIE were healthy this year or just one of em cavs would be 2015 champs easily cuz warriors weren't as good as they were let's say next year 2016 when they went up 3-1 on cavs . And of course after loosing they got KD the sell out just to beat LeBron cuz KD knew he can't beat LeBron by himself and Westbrook or even with Harden on that team so he goes to GS . WHY DIDN'T HE JOIN LEBRON IN CLEVELAND I MEAN 2 OF THE BEST PLAYERS VS CURRY ,KLAY THE BEST SHOOTERS IN THE NBA AND THE BEST TEAM WHO WOULD YOU PPL HAVE ? LEBRON AND KD ALL DAY EVERYDAY FOR ME WOULD HAVE BEEN MUCH INTERESTING .

  2. Everyone looks at Lebrons #'s. Ofcourse he has amazing #'s he dominated the ball. He also shot a really low FG% just like the old Iverson team with the Sixers. The reason the Cavs won 2 games this series is because Lebron dominated the PACE. Look how low scoring the games were in the 1st half of both games. They knew they had to slow the Warriors down to win. Once the Warriors figured out the pace they won 3 in a row. Im not hre hating on Lebron he's top 10 all time forsure Im just trying to help people understand basketball is deeper than #'s in so many ways.

  3. Imagine if Lebron James played like this all the time ??? This 2015 finals he was balling like crazy over 40 ppg putting up stats that we never seen in the past 15 years . If he wanted to he could have always played like this aggressive but for some reason he doesn't want to be that guy who's gonna take 30 or more shots a game like Mj/Kobe don't matter how many he's hitting and that's why he's not considered as the GOAT in some ppls eyes . Lebron shoots over 56% from the floor some seasons even better then that however only take 20 shots a game and almost half of the regular season games even less then that I don't understand why ??? He needed that one good friend or a family member who needed to get him up for all the games tell him he's the best, tell him he can't be stoped , tell him he needs to take more shots when he's hitting em at high % . If he played like this his whole career and was taking this many shots a game and this aggressive I belive not counting the first finals looks when he was in Cleveland since then he would have been perfect in the finals and he is unlucky even in his 15th year in the NBA has never played for a coach proven coach like phill , like popovich , even Jeff v G , Pat R , it was easier for Mj and Kobe they had phill and Kobe had shaq unstoppable force all those 3 rings he won was cuz of shaq especially first one vs philly , take out shaq Allen Iversons beats lakers and gets a ring . Mj had phill and of course pipen , and pipen would just shut down the best scorers on other teams . Lebron on the other hand was always that guy , need offense , defense , assists , rebounds everything and all that with out hall of fame coach 🙁 . Imagine if Cavs got Phill to coach man or popovich Lebron wouldn't have left cavs and they would have won more rings . As we seen in these finals David Blatt is by far better coach the Lue will ever be . Lebron it's time u saw today vs Spurs you done everything and u guys were right there in the game u took a seat and 2 min later u guys were down 10 it's time for aggressive Lebron to come back , who's gonna take 30 shots a game only then and I men's only then you will have a chance to win a ring this year .. YOU CAN DO IT LBJ YOU CAN DO IT GOAT !!!

  4. Golden state warriors in 2015 was much beatable team then they were the next 2 finals , however luck that year was on their side, im talking about luck that no team ever and I mean ever had. Every team they faced had 1 or 2 players injured , not any players but 2 of the best players. Road to finals was easy for Warriors . Other side Cavs loose Kevin love , Irvning was hurt ( knee ) , somehow they made finals but it took much out of em especially Lebron who had to carry em . Again Warriors cought a break with Love out and irvning one wrong move would also be out for the rest of those finals . Never in the history of the NBA has one team get so lucky tru the whole play off series as golden state did. Golden state team 2015 was solid good team however they were a team that could looked beatable even tho they basically ran tru everyone and needed only 12 games to reach finals , so they were fresh and never tested . Game 1 Cavs / warriors went back and forth, back and forth , lebron and irvning vs whole warriors team as again , as other cavs players just didn't show up as usual. Games comes out to lost shot James takes it and misses it . Couple players later in OT , Irving gets hurt and goes out of them and chance of Cavs winning the finals went out with Kyrie as well . Another break huge break for warriors idk how but gods were on their side all playoffs long . After that game was over warriors take 1:0 lead in the series. If lebron hits that game winner cavs win the game and Irvning even tho he's playing hurt still would play, and give cavs much better chance of winning the chip . Game 2 ( no kyrie or love ) game goes back and forth like I said , goes into over time and this time Cavs get the W no one belived that they won, we are back to game 1 if Lebron hits game winner cavs would go up 2:0 vs warriors with taking both games at oracle arena . We go back to Cleveland were cavs have a great game and beat warriors no over time needed this time 2:1 Cavs . Lebron played like a monster those first 3 games with avrg of a triple double , 42 ppg , 15 rpg , 13 apg and playing 44 min on avrg if not more ,just a monster games , just couldn't take a break at any point in those games, as soon as he went to the bench ud see gs scoring at will, and Cavs struggled to score so James had to come back into the game with only 60 to 90 sec of rest . Warriors were facings possible 1:3 defect and Steve Kerr made an adjustment to insert Iggy to defend lebron with help of others and it work into perfection ! Other players just couldn't score the basket other then lebron James Mathew delevadova was 2nd best player in Cavs uniform whatttt Mathew delevadova lady's and gentleman . Jr smith shooting q. Even in those first 3 games played like hot garbage, Tristian T , couldn't get more then 3 rebounds a game with 5 ppg if lucky , iman shum same as Jr so Cavs had 3 starters with combined of 17 ppg basically giving you no chance to win no chance at all . Game 4 warriors win it's 2:2 we go back to oracle , gs wins and 6 lebron had nothing left in the tank as we saw after game 3 ( Cavs won ) lebron gave all he had . Warriors 2015 NBA champs . Now I'll tell you why they Cavs lost , yes I know Kyrie was out so was Love however Cleveland cavaliers still had a good chance of upsetting the if not then one of the greatest NBA teams ever but they fell short thanks to David Blatt the Cavs couch at the time . For first 3 ( maybe even 4 once the gs tide the series at 2 games a piece) games he and all of us saw Jr smith struggling same with Iman shump and Tristian Thompson and David decided to stick to those guys I have no idea why , even tho on the bench he had 2 snipers that James trusted before and that's why he got em there Mike Miller , James Johns snipers , with Shawn Marion , damn Dion waiters aj price and mozgov . Obviously Jr smith avrg 7 ppg first 3 shump 5 ppg and Tt same not even 3 rebounds a game for god s sake . David Blatt should have started game 4 with lebron at point , mike Miller , James johns , mozgov , shown Marion. Bench comes in : Jr smith , Thompson, dion waiters , Aj price and delevadova . Jr smith was always better of bench. David Blatt if he did this and put this line up in the game 4 with cavs up 2:1 i guarantee Cavs would win game 4 and go up 3:1 vs golden state I guarantee it why ? With those snipers Miller and Johns even tho they old but still could shoot and Jr smith on the floor together who's gonna double team lebron like they did? No one, cuz we know he would make the pass so the wide open 3 and Miller , Johns don't miss many of those and Jr once he comes in from the bench when golden state goes small , I think Cavs with that line up would have beaten gs not easy but they would , I mean it took warriors 6 game with delevadova being 2nd best player for cavs with 10 points a game , at the end lebron after game 4 had nothing to offer anymore , as Blatt sticked to struggling Jr smith. Iman and Thompson and Cavs were done deal after that , David with a right got fired but I'll never understand cavs and lebron giving Thompson massive deal of 95 million even tho guy never showed up in the finals not even next 2 he was hot garbage and now even worse and cost em Jordan from clippers , imagine with this team now and plus Jordan wow who would stop em ? Who ? Nobody ! And u pay shump another 45 mil and he like Thompson is reason they didn't get Jordan from clippers cuz clips didn't want shump . Lebron probably aged 4 years during those series and series after that as he gave it his whole for no reason at all!!!!

  5. You know what's baffling to me? Is that Lebron really took the Warriors to 6 game without kyrie and love. With his two next best players in delly and mozgov. You look at them now and delly isn't playing well on the bucks and we'll see how mozzy plays on the nets after a bad season with the lakers. Lebron is the GOAT

  6. damn cant believe lebron was able to come out with a 2-1 lead against the warriors in 2015 all by himself. he was prob thinking this time when im with the cavs we'll have a better team. instead this team w/o love and kyrie was probably worse than lebron's 2007 cavs squad

  7. with lebrons performance in this series and the finals the next year put him ahead of MJ to me. he is the greatest all around player to ever play the game. he beats Jordan in assists rebounds ppg. hes bigger stronger more athletic. his impact on both ends of the floor are greater. he's a better passer then the great magic Johnson. hes just the best all around player this league has ever seen.

  8. first year back on a team that missed the playoffs 4 seasons in a row and led them to the finals, won 2 games against a team that would come back the next season and win a record 73 games and did it all without his starting pf and pg.

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