LeBron James Full Highlights 2016.03.24 at Nets – 30 Pts, 6 Rebs, 5 Assists, 13-16 FGM!

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  1. today, james overtook the great dominique wilkins in the scoring list. This is very upseting. If the rules of the nba had not changed and teams were still playing with the old rules of the 80's and the 90's(hand checking, strong defense, allow body contact) James would have never reached where he is now in the scoring list. He would have only averaged 20ppg maximum . What can i say appart from…..DEATH TO JAMES!!! I'd like to see some old school defense on Lebron, just like Jordan, Bird, Magic e.t.c had enountered and experienced throughout their career . Today's rules.. "can't touch him", old school rules.. "kick his asse". Lets see what could he do back then, this mother fucker lebron. And whoever contradicts me..i will post you a video of MJ , Reggie Miller e.t.c saying the same stuff, so that you can say no shit after that. Fucking pussy James fuck you and your illuminati friends.

  2. You Lebron need to realize that the coach benched him most of the fourth quarter. So don't try to say he's not clutch because he pulled the cavs a late win plenty of times. Also the team played bad defense in the fourth quarter. So think before you speak.

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