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  1. In the off-season: Kyrie gets traded away for Isaiah, Crowder, Zizic , & the Nets pick. Then they sign, Green, Rose, then Wade. They started off the season opener with a bang, then everything started falling apart for the team with them losing heavy strings of games at a time to players calling team meetings to yell at K Love for have to leave a game because of an anxiety attack or whatnot to LeBron making that big shot over Jimmy Butler & celebrating with all of this teammates… Who were all traded the very next day. Isaiah was gone, Rose gone, Wade gone, Crowder gone. In comes Clarkson, Nance, Hill & Hood. People are in heavy belief that the Cavs will not make the finals because LeBron has pretty much come full circle to his 1st run in Cleveland where he is the only player guaranteed to get his. "The Raptors will put them out" "The 76ers will sweep them" "LeBron's not getting out the 1st round" LeBron's Cavs goes down 0-2 in the ECF and people already started writing LeBron & the Cavs off AGAIN. And what happened? People completely wrote the Cavs off against the 73 win unanimous MVP having Warriors team. On top of that, they went down 3-1… What happened? Because of that, Draymond went out crying in the parking lot after the game trying to call KD for help. Then The same Cavs and the 73 win Warriors PLUS KEVIN DURANT meet up in the finals & the Warriors completely bomb on the Cavs. Even though LeBron averaged a 30 point trip-dub on over 50% shooting next to Kyrie's extra 30ppg efforts. Nothing can be taken from him in that loss because What. Do. You. Do? Curry, Klay, Durant & Draymond. Not Malone & Stockton, not Magic & Worthy, not Drexler & Porter, not Barkley & KJ, not Gary & Kemp… All of Jordan's opponents were just regular good teams & not 2 current MVPs and scoring champs on the same team(Curry & Durant) along with the DPOY(Green) along with the best 2 way SG in the league(Klay) along with the finals MVP for their first title(Igoudala). But is LeBron loses to this team, he's not as good as they guy that beat the Suns who only had Barkley?

  2. I'm very happy, for Cavs and Lebron did great. However, Lebron is not the greatest of all times. MJ, 6 Championships, 6 MVPs and never a game 7, on his watch, in the Final. 5 MVPs, in regular season. MJ, was a better defender. MJ, lead the league, for 10 years, in scoring. One year, MJ won League Scoring and defensive player of the year. He is the only player, to have done that.
    3 Steals Leader, 14 NBA All Star, 3 times MVP All Star, 2 IBM Award winner, 9 times All Defense, Rookie of the year. 2 times Slam Dunk contest. Ranked # 1 by ESPN Sports Century's Top
    North American Athletes of the 20th Century. 2 Olympics gold medals. FIBA HALL OF FAME CLASS 2015, College NCAA National Championship- University of North Carolina 1981-1982,
    3 times Atlantic Coast Conference regular season champions 1981-82,1982-83,1983-84 (undefeated), 1982 ACC Tournament Champions, ACC Rookie of the year 1982, Naismith College Player
    of the year 1984.

    John R. Wooden Award-1984, USBWA College Player of the Year 1984, AP College player of the Year 1984, ACC Athlete of the Year 1984, All ACC First Team-1983-84, ALL ACC Tournament First
    Team-1982, All ACC Tournament Second Team 1983-84, 2 times The Sporting News College Player of the Year 1983-84, 2 times Consensus First Team All American-1983-84, All NCAA Tourna-
    ment Team 1982, NCAA Tournament East Regional Team 1983. Naismith Memorial HALL OF FAME Class of 2009, MJ have a Bachelor Degree, in Cultural Geography, from University of North
    Carolina. Lebron, done wonderful, so far. However, you can see, that Lebron, have not won, as much as MJ, on the college level or NBA.

  3. I never thought the day would come that I would say this.I'm from the Jordan era,and I have witness Lebron,and Jordan play.After tonight I no longer have any doubts about what I'm about to say…….LEBRON is better Jordan.The only thing anyone can argue is Jordan has 6 rings.Allen Iverson was better then alot of players,but he doesn't have one.Rings doesn't define greatness heart does.Both of them have heart,but Lebron has always had to work harder

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