LeBron James & Kevin Love Postgame Interview | Cavaliers vs Celtics Game 2 | 2018 ECF | FreeDawkins

LeBron James & Kevin Love Postgame Interview | Cavaliers vs Celtics Game 2 | 2018 ECF | FreeDawkins – NBA Video’ –Like And Subscribe For More! Follow …


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  1. Hey freedawkins!!!! Can u put subtitle on every interview videos???? Auto translation is a little sloppy …..
    that will help those not that good at listening to English like me,but urself Dawkins!!! That will double the number of watchers from overseas!!

  2. Ever notice how Le3for8 can bulldoze into the lane, lead with a shoulder, elbow, run folks over.. and all is good. But you let anybody make contact with him anywhere that he can play up and its like the hit him with Lucille from The Walking Dead.

    I always enjoy seeing him overact on contact. His heading to the locker room was a play to the refs, felt they could hold it without him… now gonna whine all series how they are playing too rough.

  3. Y’all so petty at the end of the day Boston a tough team even a blind person can hear that if they listening to the radio plus they took care of Home what any playoff team should do now it’s game 3 that’s the most important game they lose that then you got something to worry about but all honesty bron should let this series go because this team is not suited for the championship stage they not even suited for tough teams that play hard that supporting cast folds they proved it in the pacer series and now in this series i rather him lose here then gain another lost in the finals me personally as a lebron fan

  4. Wow LeBron is so overrated. He is a stat padder. Kobe would wait to the fourth to take over which is why Kobe doesn't have overblown stats. Please forget how many times Kobe would sit out when the game was in hand. LeBron doesn't let his teammates play their name. That's why they never have assists like he does. Just spot up. Theres no excuse LeBron ball is selfish. The Celts don't have their 2 stars. LeBron is goofing about playing like a bitch

  5. Lebron had a crazy good stat line dont get me wrong…. but he disappeared in the 4th again and had plenty of turnovers in the 4th. maybe he should sit more in the 3rd so he doesn't always fall off when it matters

  6. Boy as a Cavs faithful, this hurts like hell. Tough to see a generational player being disrespected like this by everybody. But the Q is where it’s at. LeBron won’t go down without a fight, and the Celtics won’t either. Can’t wait!

  7. LeBron made sure to score alot of his points when the game was already decided instead of when boston made their runs. He scores 21 in the first qtr which was great but 21 the rest of the game. And alot of his points again were not during the celtics run but after it and when momentum was all Boston.

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