LeBron James vs Kevin Durant LEGENDS Duel 2018.10.10 – KD With 18, Bron With 15!

October 10, 2018 – LeBron James vs Kevin Durant LEGENDS Duel | Golden State Warriors vs Los Angeles Lakers – KD With 18, Bron With 15! FreeDawkins …


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  1. So….i guess everyone assumes LBJ sucks or something, and that going toe-to-toe with him in back to back NBA Finals getting the better of him each time was "easy". but offcourse we forget rose, pg, derozan battlin lebron miami super team for 4yrs and still 2/4 and people or lebronfans have no problem with that, i see

  2. you know ..bron james might have a better career but right now kd is the best player in the world..he is better 3pt, mid, and ft shooter, he's better from the post, more killer instict, better defender..and he doesnt take anything away from his i need to say more ??

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