Liveup SPORTS Compression Ankle Support Brace with Integrated Elastic Wraps for Running, Basketball, Walking, Jogging and Everyday Wear-LS5674

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Product Feature:
Elastic bandage can provide pressure for individual requirement; This Ankle Support can effect lively cushion impact imposed upon muscles and mitigate fatigue accumulation ;Soft material can alsomitigate chronic arthritis.

Ingredients: 30% rubber;35% polyester, 35% Nylon

CAUTION: Consult your physicion before engaging in any exercise program.

What can the compression ankle sleeve be used for?

– Running
– Weightlifting / Working Out
– Obstacle Course Races
– Tennis / Golf
– Basketball
– Volleyball
– Hockey / Ice Skating
– Skiing
– Everyday Wear
– Ankle sprains and strains
The ankle support is not just for sports. It can be used by anyone suffering from weak ankles, ankle pain, or just wanting more support in the ankle area. The moisture wicking and anti-odor fabric makes it perfect for all day wear, while the adjustable strap provides a perfect fit. The compression in each sleeve gives not only support, but also helps to improve blood flow.

Package Includes:
1 x Ankle Support

Adjustable Strap for Perfect Fit: Ensure you get the support where you need it the most. The Pure Compression Ankle Brace features an adjustable strap (fastened by Velcro) that allows for a perfect and extra support in the ankle.
Full Support and Mobility: The compression ankle support from Pure Compression provides support and stabilization to the ankle area without being restrictive like hard ankle braces allowing for full mobility.
Moisture Wicking, Anti-Odor: Made of our special Pure Compression fabric, each ankle sleeve is moisture wicking to eliminate the buildup of perspiration, while anti-odor proprieties prevent the buildup of stink.
Advanced Compression Technology: Compression in each ankle sleeve helps to support and provide stabilization to ankle, as well as stimulate blood circulation to reduce swelling.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee + Sold as a SINGLE SLEEVE: We know this is the best ankle support you will ever wear. We guarantee it! If not fully satisfied for any reason, we will refund your purchase in full ¨C no questions asked. SOLD AS A SINGLE UNIT, ONE SINGLE SLEEVE PER PURCHASE.

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