Louis Vuitton presents an Interview with Jeff Koons for Masters

Interview with a modern Master: Jeff Koons talks about creating the Masters Collection, his new collaboration with Louis Vuitton. Discover the full story at

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  1. jeff koons is basically the opposite of art. Hes just an over inflated self called " artist". Translating this timeless pieces of art into such a cheap way… wow… just wow… disgusting.. cheap… dollar store like… not promoting or respecting art AT ALL. LV is just looking for controversy and calling for attention. This is repulsive.

  2. Really diminishes these masterpieces. If you want to translate the images into a garment, it might work far better to use a DETAIL, and display that detail from the larger work, in an unexpected way, on a piece. For example, a bag done in the textiles of a court gown from that era, or in some updated way of making leather look like it, whilst incorporating some of that real embroidery work. Then, having an ENORMOUS key fob, that dwarfs the bag, beautifully rendered, taking a like foot long and almost as wide, cut out of the horse's head from the Reuben's. So that it lays against that beautiful textile–placing it in context. And there could be a couple smaller fobs, that are very carefully chosen, not part of the painting, or maybe only one is and the others are not, so that they are simply graphic objects, which serve to highlight the beauty of Reuben's work (and, then the other artist's, for the other bags).

  3. You guys this is a serious breakthrough, this collection will open the doors to other forms of art especially other cultures imagine LV representing African, Asian, or Native American art work in fashion. Art and Fashion is coming together again lets celebrate !!

  4. Omg awful! #iamafashionstudent #iamahandbagdesigner The bags looks like a not well executed collaboration of Moschino x Louis Vuitton x art! So sad to see such important and amazing art pieces to be reproduced into cheap looking bags. If I had to design for Louis Vuitton I would put these art pieces on the LV vintage looking luggages or on the petite malle bags. I mean come on!!!!! I'm so so so mad to see this! I'm such a fan of Nicolas Ghesquière vision for LV, but thissssss…….??????? No words!

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