Man calls wife asking to bring something home. She’s stunned by who greets her at the door

Men are constantly planning romantic gestures to show their women how much they love them. Whether it is buying bouquets of roses, surprising their sweeties with chocolate, or taking their ladies out to dinner, loving husbands know how to treat their women. You’ll never guess what this man did to prove his love to his wife!


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Last Christmas, Bryce surprised his wife Nellie with a huge wrapped gift and caught the whole thing on video. He bought her a digital piano and stored it in the corner of the living room behind a huge wall of wrapping paper. Nellie was consumed with curiosity about what the gift could be. She recorded her own video where she guessed what Bryce had gotten her. When Christmas Day came, Nellie jokingly guessed that Bryce had gotten her a puppy. She absolutely loved her piano, but Bryce decided to take it a step further and surprise her yet again. Nellie could never have imagined what Bryce had in store for him.


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This fantastic husband decided to do something Nellie would never forget. He filled the entire living room with puppies! One day, while Nellie was at work, Bryce flexed his creativity. He left an SD card in Nellie’s car so he could ask her to bring it home to him. Then he brought in puppy after puppy into their living room. When Nellie opened the door to give Bryce the card, her mind was totally blown. Puppies came running to the door to greet her! She couldn’t have asked for a better surprise.

“Oh my gosh!” Nellie exclaimed as she looked down at the adorable puppies. “This is the best thing of my life!” She hugged each of the puppies and laid on the ground so they could walk up to her. She could not stop giggling as she cuddled puppy after puppy.


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Bryce was proud of the surprise he had planned. “I know she was joking, but she has always wanted a dog.”

Because the apartment the couple lived in did not allow pets, Bryce couldn’t get Nellie her own permanent puppy. Instead, he took advantage of an unexpected situation to give her the next best thing. When Bryce found out the landlord would be replacing their home carpeting, he got permission to bring in the puppies before the old carpet was torn out. This provided the perfect opportunity to give Nellie the surprise of a lifetime.

This was one day Nellie would cherish forever. She may not be able to keep any of the puppies from the video, but they are up for adoption. Bryce got the pups from Puppies for Rent, a pet adoption service that connects forfeited and abandoned puppies to owners by allowing the potential parents to spend time with the puppy before they make their decision. If you are interested in giving an adorable puppy a loving home, check out their website.


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This sweet story reminds us how much our loved ones do to show us they care. Next time you see your significant other, remind them they are special with a little surprise.

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