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Man paid over £12,000 to transform into a dog.

Now concerned his friends will find him “strange”!

A Japanese guy who spent £12,480 on making himself look like a dog expressed concern that telling his acquaintances
would make them think he was odd.

Toco spent two million yen on a collie outfit that is human-sized,and he posts updates about his life as a “big dog” on YouTube.
He claims to have always wanted to “become an animal”and now occasionally dresses up as a dog to fulfill his childhood vision.

Toco frequently posts videos of himself doing things like learning how to eat, play, and train like a dog on his YouTube channel “I Want to Be An Animal”.

Toco explained to the Mirror how his pals respond to his odd hobby I am concerned that my friends will think I am strange if I tell them.

The news that I turned into an animal seemed to surprise my friends and family a lot.

Toco claims that because it makes him feel like a proper pet, he most enjoys “doing things that only dogs do.”

He has the most difficulty using his hands because his paws frequently get in the way.

Who would have guessed it, hey?

I’ve had this vague idea of changing into an animal ever since I was a child. I’m unsure if the motivation was one of transformation “Toco clarified.

Videos posted on Toco’s social media accounts depict him performing all dog-like activities. In exchange for belly massages, he will turn over, pretend to sit, lift his paws, and walk on a lead like a real dog.

Even worse, he decides to consume imitation dog food from a bowl.

Toco decided to dress up as a collie because that breed is his favorite, and he spent a lot of money on the expensive costume from a Japanese company that specializes in building sculptures and movie props.

The assembly of the costume reportedly took the company 40 days, in part because Toco constantly requesting them to make modifications. The business claims that in order to make Toco’s costume as lifelike as possible, they spent a lot of time researching the canine bones.

He now has global supporters who openly express their love and admiration for him.

“One follower said on a recent video, You motivate us to realize our aspirations too. I hope I become the animal I want to be as well. We find inspiration in you.

They also urge him to talk openly about his unusual passion with his friends and family and reassure him that he isn’t abnormal.

“Don’t worry about being seen by others. You’re merely a dude with a peculiar interest. Nothing is wrong with that, really!” Someone wrote.

Do you agree, There is nothing wrong?

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