MaxiMasque Beauty Gift Set – Electrical Beauty Face Mask- Extensive Facial Treatment for exfoliating, deep cleaning, reduction of wrinkles, face hydration/moisturisation/nourishment and make-up removal

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Anti Wrinkle treatment: MaxiMasque plumps out fine lines as the water penetrates the deeper layers of the skin cells (dermis) as a result cells swell up, therefore any tiny lines and wrinkles are plumped on the surface of the skin, instantly giving you smoother, firmer and radiant skin.
Deep cleansing and exfoliating: MaxiMasque opens pores to allow for through cleansing, eliminating impurities which can cause oily and blemished skin. Upon use your skin will feel decongested and hydrated from within, revealing a glowing refreshed texture
Moisturising treatment: MaxiMasque helps your own skin care products work harder and faster. The heat from the mask helps to penetrate the moisturizer deeper into your skin, drenching it with nourishment, and moisture to leave your skin silky smooth and soft.
Safe and easy to use Instant and visible results. 30 day moneyback guarantee. 12 months manufacturer warranty. Passed all EU and UK safety tests. Now you can benefit from all these professional spa treatments from the comfort of your own home.
Nourishing treatment, Serum boost & Make-Up removal: An excellent treatment for dry skin conditions. It gives your skin a boost of nourishment and instant moisture. This treatment also helps to minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by increasing the skins inner ability to retain moisture. This treatment facilitates penetration of any chosen serum or specialist treatment by preparing the skin with MaxiMasque first, so that your pores are more receptive to the serum applied. MaxiMasque can be used at any time to remove your make up within five minutes.

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