Meet your meat, why you should become vegetarian

All numbers are based entirely off of extensive research done by PETA.

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  1. Hi guys I’m not being mean to you guys I’m not mad that you are living your life like this, but the video shows only the bad things…… I’m a 25 year old who loads animals on the trailer to another farm where they are prepared to be edible I seen how they do this and I seen where they come from. The animals I pick up to load up are very happy and there all natural eating healthy normal grass and are not cooped up. Plus the babies are always with there parents until there adults. So when I pute them in the trailer I always give them fresh water good food and I keep the trailer clean and confey. Now when we arrive to the butchering farm there are put back into a big nice beautiful field to roam and grays on normal healthy grass. When it’s there time they are taken into a very clean area and they are killed very quickly and painless by slicing the neck . Now plz trust me when I say slice the neck I really do mean it’s very painless it feels like your just getting very tired and you want to go to sleep that’s it. Then the animal go to be cleaned and etc . Guys animals are
    Put on this earth for us to have food and survive meat has manny things in it we need that vegtibles and fruit can not give us. Plz understand that we need animals for food. That’s just how god made it and that’s how life is. P.S I before I eat any sort of meat I always say “ thank you for your sacrifice for your food you have to feed my family”

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