Michael Jordan chooses between LeBron & Kobe

Check out this clip from Michael Jordan at 50, a special aired exclusively on NBA TV where Ahmad Rashad asks the 6-time NBA champion who he believes is …


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  1. respect for Kobe for having consecutive championships in 1 team unlike Lebron who needs to transfer from 1 team to another just to get championship titles that is why Jordan says championship wise is Kobe because Jordan make it consecutive championships in 1 team like kobe did

  2. Jordan didn't wanna throw shade on Bron & gave him props, as he should) But, Mike's about rings, so he smoothly chose Kobe. We already know MJ, so just say the Black Mamba, straight up.

    Jordan the GOAT but, Kobe the fiercest, most fearless force, ever. Mj's the no nonsense big bro, Kobe's the bad ass, psycho lil bro.

  3. Lebron fans are REALLY fucking stupid. It's not even an insult. They hear what they want to hear. It's like all his fans are casuals or kids or something. Jordan never ONCE "dissed" Lebron, but that is not what Lebron fans heard.

  4. Lebron got swept in the finals
    – Lebron has as many finals losses as Kobe has rings lol
    – Lebron lost back to back finals
    – Lebron never three peated once, let alone twice in this weak era
    – Teams celebrated winning a title on lebron's home court on 3 different occasions. ('07, '11, '15)
    – Lebron lost to a Dwight Howard Magic team with no superstars in 6 games
    – Lebron been the best player since 2008 according to Lebron fans but he couldn't beat the magic to meet Kobe in the finals
    – Lebron is so great and goat that he had to leave his team and jump to another team with two franchise superstar players not role players, superstars.
    – Jumped ship joined two superstars and still lost to a team with one superstar and a bunch of role players past their primes lol
    – Jason Terry averaged more PPG's in the '11 finals than Lebron, goat lol
    – Lebron would've lost the 2013 finals if it wasn't for Ray Allen's shot
    – Lebron loses the finals in the following year by a record margin in 5 games lmaooo but he's the goat lol
    – Lebron got cramps in San Antonio meanwhile Kobe and Jordan will play till they die basically
    – Lebron then jumps ship again since he's the goat and so great he bails on Miami and goes back to Cleveland, like talk about loyalty smh
    – Lebron loses in the 2015 finals where he was in position to win when he was up 2-1 with game 4 in Cleveland with Kyrie being hurt he had the chance to cement his goat status by going up 3-1 but couldn't and lost those finals as well.
    – 2 years ago if Kyrie doesn't hit the dagger three Golden state wins
    – Lebron scored 11 points in the 4th quarter in the first 3 games of this years finals
    – Lebron lost in 5 games again lol
    – In the biggest stage of them all doesn't matter how many times you made it kids all that matters is if you won it and Lebron's finals record is

    2007- L (Swept)
    2011- L (Lost in 6 games)
    2012- W (Won in 5 games)
    2013*- W (Ray Allen's finals winning shot)
    2014- L (Lost in 5 games) goat
    2015- L (Lost in 6 games)
    2016* – W (Kyrie's finals winning shot)
    2017- L (Lost in 5 games) goat
    – Lebron lost back to back finals
    – Lebron almost three peated in the finals with losses

    Stop the comparisons with Michael when he's got to catch Kobe first smh. Kids and millennials stats don't tell the whole story in this watered down era of basketball with no physicality, hand checking, true 4 and 5's. Watch you Lebron fans make an excuse for each blunder in his record that I just pointed out lol and never accept the blame lol. So when he's 3-6 after June, provided his team even goes, can you Lebrobtards think of better excuses and blame for failure?

  5. people dont understand what mj meant about 5 beats 1, superstars have edge on other superstars when it comes to winning bevause thats the only thing that separates them. stats is stats but rings is different. bill russell got 11, yes but do you think he is at the same stage out of this 3? no right? superstars have tiers too. mj kobe and arguably lebron shares the same stage but what separates them is a room where mj and kobe is in.

  6. Smh scrolled down comment to see the full interview just to came back to top thinkin Lebron is better than MJ and Kobe is better than Lebron FOH mate keep your 2 cents at your pocket im tryna find the whole interview mofo hyperlink where u at

  7. Kobe Bryant was a bad, bad man… I've a question for all the true ballers out there though… Tracy Mcgrady, Afernee Hardaway, Grant Hill or Kobe Bryant all in their prime… Knowing what we know now, who's your first pick?

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