Molly Roloff Celebrates Bridal Shower: See the Beautiful Photos!

Get ready to say goodbye to Miss Roloff …

… and hello to Mrs. Joel Silvius!

Little People, Big World fans have missed Molly Roloff since she went off to college and became less of a presence on the TLC show.

But with just weeks to go until her wedding, the family threw her a beautiful bridal shower – and shared gorgeous photos of it to boot.

"So my seestor gets married in 22 days. If you can't tell by this photo I'm extremely excited," sister-in-law Tori Roloff captioned one shot.

Tori, who's married to Molly's brother Zach, was joined by her other sister-in-law Audrey Roloff (who married her brother Jeremy Roloff).

Isabel Rock, who is dating Molly's younger brother Jacob Roloff, was also in attendance, and gushed about the event on social media.

"Yesterday we celebrated a very special lady who is getting married in 21 days. Love all of these beautiful women," she wrote.

Audrey added, "Celebrating the bride to be!"

"I'm so stoked to stand by you on the day you become one with Joel, and to continue standing by you both for the rest of your lives."

Of course, no one was prouder than Molly's mom Amy, who shared some touching thoughts on her only daughter's upcoming nuptials.

"This girl! Molly Jo is one awesome beautiful woman. What a wonderful weekend sharing with her … bridal shower and all," Amy gushed.

"Making final wedding plans today [before] she takes off for Spokane today. Can't believe my girl is going to be married in about 20 days."

"I'm so so happy for her," Amy Roloff added.

See all the photos from the event below!

1. Welcome to Molly’s Shower!

Welcome to mollys shower
The bride-to-be and her family all looked so happy, which is all that really matters in the end. But the decor was on point too.

2. Molly and Tori Roloff

Molly and tori roloff
Tori Roloff is so excited for Molly to join the marriage club!

3. Roloff Mom and Sisters!

Roloff mom and sisters
Amy Roloff celebrating the bridal shower with her soon to be married daughter Molly, her daughters in law Tori and Audrey, and Jacob’s girlfriend Isabel.

4. Amy and Molly Roloff

Amy and molly roloff
Amy and Molly Roloff in a sweet moment from her bridal shower.

5. Woman of the Hour

Woman of the hour
Bride-to-be Molly Roloff at her bridal shower in July 2017.

6. Tori and Molly Roloff

Tori and molly roloff
Tori and Molly Roloff at the latter’s bridal shower. Only three more weeks!

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