Mom loses her unborn baby. 3 months later, doctors spot a secret twin inside her womb

After losing their eight-week-old baby due to an ectopic pregnancy (the fertilized egg implants outside of the uterus), Sadie Brittle and her husband were crushed.

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Brittle took some time off work to clear her mind, but then she noticed something…

During her three month break, Sadie noticed that her stomach was swelling up. Out of concern, she went to her doctor, who then informed her that she was still pregnant with the baby’s twin.


After hearing the doctor’s words, Sadie was overwhelmed with emotions. What? How was this possible?

As it turned out, Sadie had what’s known as a heterotopic pregnancy — a multiple-sited pregnancy where one embryo implants inside the uterus and the other implants elsewhere.


The second pregnancy is nothing short of a miracle.

Talking about the event, husband Gary says, “It was such mixed emotions, we’d gone through dealing with the loss of the baby and then all of a sudden to be told that we’ve got another baby in there. It makes me want to buy a lottery ticket every day.”

According to Sadie, doctors were unable to detect the second twin due to all the bleeding caused by the ruptured tube.


The mother had no idea that she had been pregnant for the last three months but nonetheless was incredibly happy about the news.

Fast forward to a few months later, Brittle gave birth via c-section to her son — Teddie. Although Teddie will be growing up without his twin, the family is thankful that he is healthy.


An incredibly touching story to read about. This story just comes to show us that life is full of wonderful surprises. In times of hardship, we should remember to remain spirited and to always hope for the best. Bless this family’s heart.

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