Mother-Of-Four Reveals How She Stays In Great Shape Without The Gym

The struggle for a well-sculpted, Adonis-like figure can be an arduous and extremely long journey, full of pitfalls and false starts, half-hearted diets and ill-advised hungover press-ups ending in a level of hitherto undiscovered nausea and headache.

The rewards, though, are obvious – one of the wonderful things about working towards a fitness related goal is that you can physically see the results begin to take shape (literally) as you work out. It is also undeniable that the feeling of satisfaction and pride upon completing an especially tough gym session is a triumphant one – as you guzzle your water and chug down that slightly questionable banana-flavoured protein shake.

There is a problem for those who wish to stay fighting fit and healthy, however; gyms can be dastardly expensive places to frequent – and there are few things more frustrating than making the effort to lug your tired body to the fitness centre only to find that all the weights are strewn over the floor, being hugged by some absurdly bulky bodybuilder, who quite frankly you’d rather not get into a disagreement with.

So what are the thrifty yet fitness-craving among us to do?

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