Gary Yourofsky , vegan activist:

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  1. I've been vegetarian for quite some time, and I've been looking for some real motivation to go vegan. I've tried doing it many times, but find myself failing when I can't find something to eat when I'm out. This was the perfect motivation. Thank you so much. Another animal product will never be entered into my body by choice. Thank you so much.

  2. This video is so sad like just watching the poor animal getting beat to death, this isn’t right. People should stop doing this to all the animals, they don’t deserve this what they deserve is peace not being killed for food. This video made me thinking that I would love to go vegan. Everyone of you could and should become vegan!!!!

  3. I got something for vegans

    What if the only food that existed requires you to kill an animal?

    What would you do?

    1:stave to death

    2:start eating meat

    Yeah I know hard choice no one will ever make me vegan no matter what!

    Animals have a low iq unlike humans the only good thing animals do is slupply us with more food some animals have protein too which is even
    What? You chose 1? Have fun starving to death!

  4. proč jsou lidi tak bezcitní zmrdi??co kdyby tohle někdo dělal jim?? jak by se cítili? líbilo by se jim to?? vždyť je to nechutný…hnusný, jak se mohou takhle chovat k živým tvorům?? lidi jsou fakt jedno obrovský svinstvo!!!!

  5. Your fucking absolutely retarded if you'd ever lived and worked on a farm you'd know this is all lies bull calfs are usually neutered for live 4-5 years or left bulls for breading and dairy cows are usually kept for around 15 years and if people would be willing to spend more money on milk we'd keep them for longer but there's no money to do so we do what we have to to afford to run the operation and have any kind of money at all farmers aren't rich like everyone thinks so for profit means so we can survive tell they're killed and that is shit meat that you'll probably never eat, chickens are kept alive tell they quit laying or the ones that are bread for meat are kept for 3 months and and we are destroying little or no Environment to do so unless you include shit and such which will happen regardless so get your fact straight and quit lying you worthless sack of shit and don't drop your kids as much as your parents dropped you

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