Mylee Antiseptic Disinfectant Sanitiser Spray 250ml, Cleaning Beauty Salon Surfaces, Manicure Pedicure Equipment Tools, Derma Roller Cleaner, Kills and Protects Against Germs, Bacteria, Nail Fungus

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Disinfectant spray (250ml)

The ultimate essential tool for any salon professional – the disinfectant spray is ideal for keeping equipment and surfaces clean and most importantly hygienic. Created especially in an easy-to-use spray bottle this kills any lurking germs, maintaining a sterile working environment. Armed with mylee you’ll be able to fight, bacteria, virus and mould at a push of a button. This is ready-to-use, no added water needed. Simply, spritz and go! 

  • Perfect companion to mylee Dermaroller
  • Great for nail techs to clean nail files
  • Sanitises all beauty tools
  • Use all over your salon to ensure a hygienic and clean environment for your customers

✨ GERM FREE TOOLS & WORKSPACES – Keeps your beauty tools and cosmetic space clean, sterile and germ-free. Powerful and effective formula from the leading brand Mylee, kills 99.9% of all germs and bacteria from your nail file, scissor comb, UV nail lamp, cuticle pusher, derma roller etc.
✨ PROTECTS YOUR HEALTH & SAFETY – Protection against nail fungus and salon bacteria. Essential for nail tech to avoid cross-contamination in their salon.
✨ MEDICAL GRADE DISINFECTANT SANITISER SPRAY – Just spray it straight on the surface or tool, no additional water or anything else needed. Simple spray it and wipe of the surfaces. Destroys odours and kills the germs that cause odours.
✨ BLEACH & CHEMICAL FREE – No harsh and harmful additives. Only surface friendly alcohols.
✨ KEEP YOUR CUSTOMERS SAFE – Mylee Disinfectant Spray destroys all the germs and makes sure that all your equipment is clean, germ-free, and ready for your next client.

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