New York MTA is tired of rescuing riders’ AirPods from subway tracks


Due to time heat and sweat, New York Metropolitan Transport Authority has reported an uptick in” AirPod rescues ,” according to CNBC. If an AirPod falls into subway moves, retrieving it can be dangerous and cause retards as crew members try to save them.

According to the New York Post, riders drop virtually 20 AirPods per month. The MTA is considering remedying the situation by requesting passengers to keep their AirPods in.

MTA Maintenance Supervisor Steven Dluginski told the Wall Street Journal that this summer received an all-time high for such incidents.” It’s job security, as far as we’re concerned ,” Dluginski told the Wall Street Journal. MTA too told CNBC that it can be dangerous for passengers is an attempt to retrieve their own AirPods, possibly resulting in injury and plan delays.

If you’re an MTA passenger and slip your expensive twig, don’t try and get it back yourself. A “subway-cleaner” told the New York Post that reports can be filed at subway station booths, and someone will be contacted to retrieve it.

Since Airpods launched in 2016, losing them has been a major problem. The lack of a rope undoubtedly impels it easier for the minuscule earbuds to go missing. In 2017, Apple inserted a feature that allowed users to find their Airpods via their iPhone that works similarly to how they’d use a laptop to look for a lost iPhone from Find My iPhone. Of trend, that won’t stop people who know they’ve slipped them on the metro tracks from gambling their lives to go after the expensive inventions: Time this past July, a woman travelled viral for documenting her develop Airpod rescue from metro trails on Twitter.


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