Old, abandoned cat finds a home, then gets taken on a bucket-list adventure of a lifetime

Tigger the kitty has led a life that not many 22-year-old cats get to live.

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Recently, the sweet boy got to celebrate his 22nd birthday looking especially handsome with a bow tie and a party hat while feasting on a three-meat tuna, chicken and ham birthday cake shared with his kitty brother Stuart.


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And Tigger’s loving treatment is all courtesy of his adoptive parents, former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader Adriene Buisch and her boyfriend, Michael Trentadue.

Together, the two are determined to make the rest of Tigger’s days filled with luxury and adventure.

Tigger was abandoned in 2014 at an animal hospital in Maryland, where his former owner dropped him off and never returned for him.

“Day by day, week by week, the owner slowly lost contact with the hospital,” Adriene told TODAY. “She would promise to be there the next day and then they wouldn’t hear from her for weeks. Eventually they lost all contact.”

While on the hunt for a new feline friend for Stuart, Adriene and Michael found out about Tigger’s sad story in early 2015.

When they went to the hospital to go see him, it was love at first sight.

“Michael and I looked at each other and immediately said we were taking him home,” Adriene said.

Thus, where Tigger once lived in an animal hospital for a year matted and frail, he now lives in a loving, adoring home.


Source: TODAY

Unfortunately, though, soon after Tigger’s happy adoption, the newly adoptive parents received some bad news.

Tigger had irreversible kidney failure, but it could be managed with a prescription diet and medicine.

But then more bad news seemed to follow Tigger’s trail. While brushing Tigger, Michael discovered a large tumor on the cat’s belly. Tigger’s elderly age and kidney problems prevented him from being able to receive surgery for the tumor.

“We had no idea if we would have another month or another year with Tigger,” said Adriene.

As a result, the couple decided to create a bucket list for their furry family member to have the best days of his life – and so far, they have been crossing off several items of their list.

Tigger has been chauffeured around Baltimore in a cat-carrying sling, where he has become a local celebrity.


Source: TODAY

Then, he spent a lovely, relaxing day at the beach with his parents, where photos of his visit quickly went viral.


Source: TODAY

As a result of his viral fame, Tigger has been showered with treats, blankets, beds, and homemade catnip toys.

Though Tigger isn’t a huge fan of the catnip toys, he loves the boxes they come in, which earned him his own very special photo shoot with pet photographer Heidi Moore Trasatti.


Source: TODAY

And to top it off, Tigger had an amazing 22nd birthday party surrounded by his family and most of all, the delicious three-meat cake that sent Tigger into a “purring meat coma.”


Source: TODAY

Though Adriene and Michael don’t know how much longer they have with Tigger (his tumor has grown larger, but he has gained weight – which is a good sign of health – and appears to feel well), they’re doing an exceptional job giving Tigger the time of his 9 lives.

“When you have a cat like Tigger that had a home for 19 years to end up sitting in a cold cage for a year, it was like he was broken when we got him,” Adriene said. “Now we get to watch him enjoy life to the very end.”

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