Patella Knee Strap (2 Pack) for Knee Pain Relief by LOKSER™ | Best Brace Support band for Jumpers Knee, Running, Osgood Schlatter, Tendonitis, Basketball, Squats | Unisex Adjustable & Top Quality

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Searching for a knee brace that offers total and comfortable support?

Tired of bulky knee straps that are a complete drag to wear?

If so, then the fully adjustable knee band by Lokser is the relief you’ve been after!

Made using high quality neoprene, this Lokser knee brace is breathable, non-irritating and sweat-absorbent. With the perfect balance between support, comfort and aesthetics, you’ll absolutely fall in love with this knee brace. And thanks to its design, it’s unbelievably lightweight, so you can wear it to work or while running your errands and even forget it’s on.

To ensure a perfect fit, the knee band comes in a segmented design, which allows it to perfectly contour around your knee. It’s also fully adjustable from both sides, offering an even more customized fit. The design may look minimalistic, but it’s equally as effective. By applying pressure on the tendon at the base of the knee cap while giving the patella a bit of a lift, inflammation and pain is greatly reduced. And all this without having unnecessary material impede your movement!

You also don’t have to look dull rocking it too. Have your pick of 4 colors, with the freedom of buying an individual knee brace or a pair.

Few of its notable benefits include:

• Flexible but firm fully adjustable support.

• Lightweight and breathable neoprene construction.

• Durable and machine-washable.

• Available in 4 colors.

• Universal fit, accommodating knees up to 18 inches.

Experience total freedom from pain with the Lokser knee strap. Take advantage of our 100% Lifetime money back guarantee by clicking “Add to Cart” now!

✅ BEST KNEE PAIN RELIEF – Are You suffering from any kind of knee pain, during some exercise, or even a walk? This knee strap is the answer! Now you can do exercise without worrying about knee pain again. These knee strap goes around the knee, below your kneecap, and over your patellar tendon to provide support for your knees, which releases the tension, and gives your knee the best relief from pain.
✅ FULLY ADJUSTABLE PATELLA KNEE STRAP – you can now get that much needed pain relief from tendonitis with the Lokser knee strap. Its segmented design allows it to contour to the unique shape of your knee, and it’s fully adjustable from both sides resulting in heavenly support and fully adjust tightness. It is ideal for sport, Basketball, running, squatting, etc.
✅ NON-SLIP AND LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN – ever wanted to wear your knee brace or sleeve all day but the discomfort just wouldn’t let you? Well, now you can! Proper patella support strap doesn’t have to mean bulky braces that keep getting in the way. The Lokser patella knee brace has been designed to offer superior stabilizer support with a minimalistic touch. The lightweight and breathable neoprene makes for ultra-comfortable prolonged wear.
✅ DURABLE AND WASHABLE – whether you’re doing some brutal squats, running a 4K, weightlifting, powerlifting or even doing some laps in the pool, Lokser jumper’s knee band is up to the task. Thanks to the original high quality design, Unlike other Knee straps available in the market which gives you a scratchy feeling, this knee straps are made of top-quality light & soft fabric, It absorbs the sweat to prevents any discomfort feeling on your knee.
✅ UNIVERSAL FIT, AVAILABLE IN 4 COLORS – this jumpers knee strap comfortably fits almost everyone (knees up to 18 inches) and is unisex suitable for both men and women. And who said supportive gear has to be boring? Choose from 4 beautiful colors like black,pink,red or blue to add a bit of fashionable style to things. it even comes with a 100% LIFETIME NO QUESTION ASK MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

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