Pierce’s BIG three over LeBron lifts Celtics!

Check out this clutch three pointer from Paul Pierce as he pulls up in the face of league MVP LeBron James and sinks the BIG shot to give the Celtics a four point …


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  1. that moment…

    it was like 6 am (where I live) and 1.5 hours left for school. I hadn't slept whole night waiting for this game. honestly I didn't expect celtics to win as a celtics fan. but as this moment came, I leaped and I was like "woooooaaaaaaaahh" like other celtics fans. 

    and speaker said: "in clutch moments, big players get bigger. however,  small players get smaller" 

    I apologize for waking you up dad. (again)

  2. This series was must see tv every night. The old Boston Celtics vs the heavily favored Miami Heat. The heats roster was stacked, including the bench. First guys off the bench for boston? Mikael Pietrus and Greg Steimsma. If Avery Bradley was healthy and Jeff Green, I 100% believe the Celtics would've won this series. 

  3. The most clutch shot I have ever witnessed. I know they didn't win the series, but at this moment PP was immortal, having made the most clutch play in C's history. This play guaranteed the Game 5 victory and looked like a huge swing in momentum for the entire series.

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