PREMIERE! Leonid Agutin and Tomas N’evergreen – Ai-Ai-Ai


I would not sleep, but sooner or later it, and the dream will come
No matter how tired, never achieve the opposite.
These mirages disappear and are not asking.
What is it, say, uncomfortable work.

Ah-ah-ah, this is a paradox, parallel realities.
Ay-ay-ay, no matter what I was carrying, and leaves an anomaly.
Ay-ay-ay, I would like to, but you’re untouchable.
Ah-ah-ah, mind flew to the unknown, neznaema.
Ah-ah-ah, there was no op-pa, nowhere appears.
Ah-ah-ah, how could you, why are you smiling?
Ah-ah-ah, or I’m a fool, whether it is against the rules.
Ay-ay-ay, the way it is, only the eyelids are closed,

And the dream of sailing.

Do not say, you will never get the opposite.
Visible matter rubbish, anywhere you do not throw out those dreams,
From the sea coast not see but do not beg.


Ah-ah-ah, everybody say
Ah-ah-ah, let me, let me hear say, let me hear say
Ah-ah-ah, everybody say oo, oo
Say eo, eo


And it’s stuff (5 times)
, The case is crap, but so far
And it’s rubbish.


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