Ramon Sessions Dunks on LeBron James!

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  1. First of all, I admit LeBron got posterized big time!

    BUT! He was not half-assing, he was just expecting Sessions to pass it back to Tolliver which most of the point guards would do because they're afraid of getting blocked by a bigger player. LBJ was just getting ready for a steal/defending Tolliver by what could appear as jogging to an average joe.

  2. I take it that anybody that's not a REAL hooper or is simply a Lebron dick rider doesn't think Lebron got dunked on… He went for the block and got in Sessions' business and GOT DUNKED ON. I'm a fan of Lebron, cant hate on his game!! I hoop so I respect his G. He's The Best In The World hands down.. But he got his ass dunked on by Ramon Sessions that night. It will be okay Lebron worshipers.

  3. This dunk on Lebron is a good one. He got posterized but he took it in stride and shook it off. If you're gonna play and try to block someone going for a dunk, you will get posterized eventually. The best poster dunk ever to me was when Baron Davis dunked on the towering Kirilenko. The reaction from the players and the crowd was epic. Could be the best dunk in history!

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