REASONS to GO VEGAN – Presentation

created by The Animal Rights Foundation of Florida


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  1. Eating meat made us humans move ahead of the pact. Stopping meat consumption is like laying on the beach to stop the tides. Meat gave humans the POWER to build what we now have which I could explain but the Vegan mind night break trying to understand this FACT🍗🐂🐐🦃🐟🍕🍔🍖🐖

  2. Please read what I have to say because I really need help.
    I wanna be vegan so bad and I've felt this way for months but recently I've decided to just tell my dad how I feel and he'll understand me. I have done A TON of research on veganism and I know pretty much everything. Note that my dad is a cyclist so he eats a lot of meat and dairy for protein and stuff. As soon as I told him I want to go vegan he said "absolutely no way!" Also my mum was nutritionist but she doesn't live with us anymore. He said that I wont get all the nutrients I need from just vegan food but I tried to explain that that isn't true. (well I plan on taking B12) My dad said (or should I say shouted) " You are NOT going vegan and you are acting just like your mother!! All the shit you've seen on the internet is wrong and I know it's wrong because that's just what they taught your mum in college!!!" He seems to have an idea in his head that he's always right 😒 I'm usually really obedient and I listen to my parents but this is just one of those things I have to say no to. I am NOT going to participate in animal slaughter and abuse 😡👎 Well that was a long comment! Btw I'm 14 so I get that he's sorta in charge of what I eat… So does anyone have any advice on how to convince him? Have a nice day 😊

  3. The arguments of the videos are not good. Many facts are misinterpreted.
    E. g.: We don't look nothing like horses. Meat and eggs are not bad for you, although we are supposed to eat vegetables primarily. Man evolved to be a hunter, too. Therefore we are able to eat nothing but meat during winter. It is more likely that modern illnesses are there due to sugar consumption than to meat and egg consumption. Just to name a few.

    I'm a vegetarian, because I want to MINIMIZE suffering. Killing is not necessary anymore.
    I'm a vegetarian to oppose the modern diet. It contains TOO MUCH meat, although we don't need it anymore.
    I'm a vegetarian, because I don't misinterpret facts about our evolution to serve a certain narrative.

    I see the from where this presentation is coming. It is good intended indeed. But this is not enough.
    I can't support its claims; I won't recommend it to anyone.

  4. I normally wouldn't watch something like this, but I honestly just want to say thank you. I have watched this whole thing and haven't once become bored. This guy has made a very compelling argument. If I could go vegan right now, I would. Watching this has definitely opened my eyes as well as my mind.

  5. I loved meat. Ive been vegetarian one year. I still do milk,eggs,butter. I am wary tho' of the animal rights people,as they are a behind the scenes powerful voting block.Their end game goal? If you want to eat meat that's fine with me. I was a meat freak,and never spent one minute trying to quit. I made some hamburger that had a piece of the hoof in it(sav-a-lot). I don't have a weak stomach,but it disgusted me. I never ate meat since. One year now. I think God(don't laugh) did that FOR me. I love it. Im sure tho' these farms are bad. I don't miss the meat either.The top of my grocery list is still Milk,Bread,Butter,and Eggs. Then potatoes and onions. Then ketchup,yay😂

  6. i really, really want to become vegan but, i was raised in a Hispanic home where all they make is chicken &’ lots of meats. my mom gets angry when i don’t eat what my family makes. she thinks I have an eating disorder or im anorexic, only because I don’t eat meat. i recently stopped eating meat and i have felt so much better. she also won’t let me become vegan she says she doesn’t like it and sees no difference. i wish she could understand this video and have the patience to watch it so she could see my point of view and understand. im still under age and she doesn’t want to me to become vegan because she’s says it’s ‘unhealthy’ which is completely untrue. i wish she could understand what these animals go through.

  7. What and become a weak malnourished pencil neck vegan? covered in disgusting vegan mouth sores like bite sized vegan? I'd tell you to eat a dick but sperm ISN'T VEGAN, you emaciated SJW. So happy there's no such thing as multi-generational vegans they can't breed and can only shoot water out of their limp dicks into their gay lovers mouths. Vegan is a diet for 17 year old confused girls and pedophile gurus.

  8. hey that's nice and all but not everyone can go vegan because of health reasons, i would literally die from malnutrition if i went vegan as stated to me by several dieticions lol. at least i'm not supporting the meat industry since i have my own farm and get my own meat

  9. Watched this video in summer 2015, was mindblown, have been vegan ever since ☺️❤️👏🏼 compliments for this presentation, done so smartly, very educative, yet calm and respectful and the perfect amount of humour 🙌🏼

  10. And cow`s milk is not good for us and unhealthy. That is the reason why a lot of people get osteoporosis. But in Germany the promotion says "cow`s milk is so good for the children. The milk makes it…what a big lie".

  11. Thank you so much for this and for educating people about veganism and the unnecessary horrors animals experience ♥️ I currently still eat fish and eggs but I’m moving towards stopping eating eggs and hopefully also fish. I love animals so much and hope some day more people will become aware of where their food is coming from and what the animals have to go through.

  12. We should focus more on what is good for us, makes us happy, but also what preserves life on earth. I think that, only through this approach can the true essence of our existence and development flourish. Veganism FTW!

    Animals such as Cows, pigs, chickens, cats, dogs etc are much more intelligent than some of us think they are. They are sentient, have the capability to feel pain and suffer like we do and have a good sense and understanding of the world around them. Obviously they have a greater consciousness than some of us give them credit for.

    I think the world would be a whole lot better if we all made the decision to create a vegan future. This compassion that we'll exhibit could, I believe will reflect on the way we treat each other. The world would be more at peace. If all food crops were fed directly to humans instead of animals, around 70% more food would be added to the world’s supply, which would be enough to feed over half the humans on earth, let alone the 925 million who face hunger every day.(Ideally, Crops that are favored would replace or be grown more instead of non- favored crops, surely making food cheaper for all of us)

    According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Vegans are less likely to develop heart disease, cancer, diabetes or high blood pressure than meat-eaters are. … "Help feed the world: Eating meat doesn't just hurt animals—it hurts people, too". Veganism FTW !!!!! Do your research : )

  13. You can be vegan all you god damn want, but do NOT force it in my god damn face and tell me Im a murderer.

    You can nom on lettuce and peanuts all you want also, I’ll just be over here tearing into my big juicy steak. Meat tastes good. Go ahead and eat leaves. Im eating meat like we were meant to do. Do you know why we have k9 teeth? To tear into meat. Now excuse me while I eat some bacon.

    And no, meat does not cause cancer, that is the biggest bullshit of a lie I have ever heard. Cancer is cellular. Eating meat does not give you cancer. And no, it does not make you fat, or unhealthy.

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