Rival football teams work together to help boy with cerebral palsy score his very first touchdown

Ask anyone that has ever lived in a sports-centric city or town, and they will surely tell you that rivalries in sports can run very deep. Despite this, two teams in North Carolina decided to put their differences aside and coordinated with each other to help bring 15-year-old Lou Stamey’s dream to life. They helped him score his very first touchdown.

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While Stamey suffers from cerebral palsy, confining him to a wheelchair and only allowing him to have limited speech, he has been a lifelong football fan because of his father, a local football referee who worked games from youth to middle school to high school levels before he unexpectedly passed away three years ago.


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As Canton Middle School’s football game against Waynesville Middle School was approaching, Canton Middle School football coach Joshua Simmons decided to approach Belinda Stamey, Lou Stamey’s mother, and ask about giving Stamey the chance of a lifetime.

“Lou’s very special in our school…He brings a lot of joy to a lot of people,” Simmons tells reporters.


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Working with Waynesville Middle School football coach Robert Sutton, they crafted and executed the “Lou Play,” which consisted of the ball being snapped to Canton’s quarterback and handed to Lou while classmate Brayden West pushed Lou to get his touchdown.

The moment became even more sentimental when both teams rallied around Lou and chanted his name, with one teammate telling him, “Look, Lou, they’re cheering for you!”

Simmons believes that this was a great moment for both the football players and for Stamey, but highlights that he hopes the players themselves learned to take a moment to appreciate their ability to walk and run as well.



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With big dreams, a great school, and an even great community, Lou Stamey was able to accomplish what many would have deemed impossible. It’s a great reminder that we can all achieve whatever we desire!

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[Source: ABC News ]

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