Royal Navy chopper revamped into holiday home

A former Royal Navy search-and-rescue helicopter has been renovated into a holiday home.

Farmer Martyn Steedman and his wife Louise bought the retired Sea King ZA127 in an online Ministry of Defence auction in March and have spent almost £40,000 converting it into luxury accommodation.

All the original lighting has been retained and restored. Pic: PA
Image Caption:
All the original lighting has been retained and restored

“It all started with the Sea Kings being decommissioned and we saw them on the telly flying around Scotland doing their farewell tour and we said it would be great to have one”, said Mrs Steedman.

She said she thought her husband “was joking”, but no one bid against him.

Mr and Mrs Steedman. Pic: PA
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The couple enjoying their holiday home

The aircraft made a 320-mile journey by road from Lincolnshire to its new home in Scotland in April.

Though the exterior has been fully restored to its original state, the interior has been almost entirely transformed.

The 17m-long aircraft can now sleep six guests, with a double and triple bed as well as a single bed in its tail.

The chopper was moved to its new home in April. Pic :PA
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The chopper before its makeover

Its curved walls have been insulated, wood panelled and painted – lending the home the look of an upturned hull of a boat.

However, the focal point is the cockpit where guests can enjoy panoramic views of the Stirling countryside in the newly fitted swivel seats.

The newly renovated aircraft features a mini kitchen and shower room. Pic: PA
Image Caption:
The newly renovated aircraft features a mini-kitchen and shower room

“We’ve retained the original dashboard, roof panel switches and foot pedals, so customers can experience the helicopter as she once was and pretend they are flying her on a mission,” Mrs Steedman added.

Many of the Sea King’s original features have been retained except for the sonar station, which was removed and donated to The Helicopter Museum in Weston-super-Mare to make room for a shower and mini-kitchen.

The chopper featured in the current series of Channel 4’s George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces.

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