Ryan Edwards: Back on Tinder After Rehab AND New Baby?!

You know how Ryan Edwards just got out of a long stay in rehab and everybody had high hopes that he could actually turn his life around this time?

Yeah, about that …

See, Ryan's done a lot of not-so-great things over the years.

Lots and lots of them.

One of those things is that he made a Tinder profile and tried to hook up with girls while married to Mackenzie Standifer.

He's done that a couple of times, and now?

Well, it looks like he's gone and done it again.

1. Dang It, Ryan

Ryan edwards on teen mom reunion
2018 just hasn’t been Ryan’s year, let’s be honest.

2. Huh

Ryan edwards pic
But if 2018 hasn’t been his year … what year HAS been good for him?

3. Real Talk

Ryan edwards teen mom og picture
Ryan’s always been kind of a mess, right? Nearly 10 years ago when Maci was 16 and Pregnant, we saw him be pretty rude and indifferent about everything, and not much has changed since then.

4. Yup

Ryan edwards with maci bookout
He’s never been a super active father, he’s never gone out of his way to get along with Maci, or with anyone, really.

5. There It Is

Ryan edwards on teen mom photo
But a couple of years ago, it became increasingly clear that Ryan seemed to be suffering from some kind of substance abuse problem.

6. Awww

Maci bookout cries
Last year, Maci confirmed that he had a drug problem on Teen Mom OG, and while she didn’t say what his drug of choice was, she did say that she’d heard from mutual friends that things had taken a terrifying turn.

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