Sam’s Club Is Selling Six-Person Party Floats

The best $150 you ever spent. 


Sam’s Club is probably your parent’s go-to for party-sized snacks and 36-packs of toilet paper, but the store just released something pretty spectacular for millennials, too.

The wholesale chain is now selling super-sized inflatable floats that fit your whole squad (and then some).

The aptly-named “Party Bird Island” is ten feet wide and ten feet long, and comes as a giant pink flamingo, a unicorn with rainbow wings, or a peacock.

The flamingo and the unicorn come with built-in cup holders, a cooler and bench seats. The peacock doesn’t have cup holders or a cooler but has a mattress-like surface if you’re looking to lay out.

One of these giant inflatable birds will set you back $149.98, which is considerably more than Sam’s Club’s regular-sized floats, which are $25 a pop.

The big floats can hold six adults at once, so maybe you and five friends can split the cost.

But how long will this take to blow up, you ask? Excessive inflating while under the influence is a recipe for serious light-headedness. One reviewer said it took 20 minutes to inflate the entire float with a hand-held air pump, so add that to the cost of the float to prevent yourself from passing out. (Air pumps are $15 or so on Amazon.)

These “Party Bird Islands” are all sold out online due to their popularity but fear not: your local Sam’s Club probably has some available in-store. Time to borrow your parents’ Sam’s Club card!

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