School janitor goes above and beyond his job, is a friend and counselor to struggling students

While being a custodian isn’t the most glamorous job in the world, I have found that custodians can be beloved components of a school’s faculty. Often times, they are just honest people performing a hard day’s work to make an honest living. They could simply do their job and leave it at that.

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But one custodian at Trinity High School in Euless, Texas goes above and beyond his job description.


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Charles Clark is a stellar custodian who takes pride in his work.

“If I clean a toilet, and you sit on that toilet, you can rest assured that’s the cleanest toilet you’ll ever sit on,” he boasts.

While Charles has a great work ethic, he also has another special ability – counseling.

Ever since Charles was hired at Trinity High School 25 years ago, he has been reaching out to students, acting as a mentor for those he felt might be falling through the cracks or for kids that need a little guidance.


Source: YouTube

According to 17-year-old Jesse Walehwa, Charles is able to establish a great rapport with the students.

“Mr. Clark has been looking out for me ever since I been here,” Jesse said. “I can tell Mr. Clark anything. I know he’s going to give me his honest opinion. He’s very wise, very loving.”

Charles recognizes that the students need structure and care from a father figure.

“They’ve never had a man tell them they love them before,” said Charles. “Once they trust you and they know you love them you can get them to buy in to what you’re selling.”

Charles has been so successful that most of his “clients” come from the school’s counselors.

“He’s worked with a lot of our students here who ended up going to college – ended up doing really well,” Peggy McIntyre, the clinical counselor at Trinity High, said. “He gets results, he sure does.”


Source: YouTube

Thanks to Charles Clark’s efforts, he has helped dozens of kids lead better, successful lives.

Though counseling the students wasn’t part of his job description, Charles didn’t let that stop him. He knew there was a need to help these young people, and he stepped up to the plate. So the next time you feel trapped by your job title, remember this story. Charles found a way to be fulfilled through his job, and more.

“You going to tell me I don’t have a good life?” said Clark. “This custodial thing is working good for me.”

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