Self Tanner – Organic & Natural Sunless Tanning Lotion – Non-Streaking Cream Develops a Bronze and Golden Self Tan in a Few Hours – Non-Toxic and Dye-Free Formula is For All Skin Types, Light, Fair, Medium, Dark and Sensitive. Made in the USA

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Beauty by Earth’s sunless self tanning lotion is made with natural and organic ingredients. You no longer need to worry about the ingredients sinking into your skin and will not turn you orange. Our formula is made with ingredients to repair and moisturize your skin while it works its tanning magic.

Simply apply the tanning cream evenly and 4-6 hours you will have a nice golden color to your skin. If you want a dark tan, simply apply it again the next day and repeat until you have your desired color. Reapply every 4-7 days or as needed to maintain your color.

And best of all, you will be golden all without the harmful rays of the skin or tan lines.

No toxins, no parabens or chemical preservatives, no animal testing, no GMOs and no junk.SAY GOODBYE TO GHOSTLY WHITE SKIN: Pale, lifeless skin really isn’t your best look. But that’s why we’re here. Our vegan, never tested on animals and all natural untinted solution transforms even fair skin from “meh” to “marvelous.” Build your tan one layer at a time to get your ideal level of bronze and cover up blemishes, veins, or imperfections without any of those nasty streaks, blotches, or dark spots.
GET A SUN KISSED TAN WITHOUT THE SUN DAMAGE OR CHEMICALS: Love that sun kissed glow but hate the thought of sunburns, early aging, and skin cancer. We think that sounds pretty reasonable. We have a great tanning cream that’s an alternative to brands that sell very chemical filled tanners in the form of towelettes, foam, mousse serum and spray.
DO YOUR SKIN A FAVOUR: Ever read the back of a conventional tanner. You need a PhD to pronounce all those ingredients. We use only simple, natural ingredients in our self tanning cream, so you’ll never have to worry about what you’re putting on your body like with some other sellers products. With ingredients like organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, and Japanese green tea leaf extract, your skin will thank you by looking and feeling incredible.
SAFE FOR EVERYONE AND YOU WON’T BE AN ORANGE OOMPA LOOMPA: If you have sensitive skin, are pale as ever and wish you had instant true tanned color skin, this is for you. Males and females use our tanning cream and look like they have just returned from travel in St. Tropez or an eco destination. So whether male or a teen, grab our applicator mitt and set our luxury tan cream to your bare skin and viva la vida. Mens skin can resemble Kim Kardashian too.
GUARANTEE LOVE IT OR LET US KNOW: We know you’re gonna love what our self tanning moisturizer can do. We’re so confident that this is the best eco sunless tanner, that we’ll even guarantee it.

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