Sherri Papini Abduction: Awful Details Revealed … But is it a Hoax?

Keith Papini's details about wife Sherri Papini after she was allegedly abducted this month have been revealed, and they are chilling.

Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko spoke to Good Morning America Tuesday about Sherri's 22-day disappearance and safe return.

Still, many questions remain about the events of recent weeks.

Sherri was found beaten and chained on the side of a road in Yolo County, Calif., on Thanksgiving morning, according to authorities.

Keith says he visited her at the hospital, where "her face [was] covered in bruises ranging from yellow to black because of repeated beatings."

Also, "the bridge of her nose [was] broken."

Her husband also said in a statement that Sherri currently weighs just 87 pounds, her hair has been chopped off, and she was tortured.

He described severe burns, red rashes, chain markings and branding on her body; Sheriff Bosenko confirmed the gruesome details.

"I was familiar with those details. We had not released them yet to the public," he said on the ABC morning news show before elaborating.

According to Bosenko, authorities spoke with Sherri on Monday, her first interview with law enforcement since her November 2 disappearance.

The sheriff then repeated a previous statement that police have no reason to disbelieve Sherri's story amid a slew of hoax rumors online.

"So far we are investigating this as a kidnapping-abduction and everything that she is providing us thus far is indicating that," Bosenko said.

"This is definitely a unique occurrence," he said, and "investigators are still actively working the case as they have been since November 2."

Bosenko also confirmed that negative comments about Hispanics were posted online under Sherri's maiden name, but did not elaborate.

Authorities are searching for two Hispanic women who may be involved, and who Sherri described as armed and driving a dark-colored SUV.

More details to follow as the story develops …

Sherri papini kidnapping chilling details revealed but is it a h

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