Sofia| First Robot as a Citizen of Saudi Arabia| Artificial Intelligence| Future Perspective

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  1. Instead of investing in a AI robot, Here's an script to make a lot of instant money.. And be kind enough to share some loyalty when your bank coffers are full, this will instill faith that Good deeds and values don't get wasted. Yeah, I have a story, about myself,but anyways, that part later.. We'll here's the script, one fine day an robot with AI and a reproduction ability, will be sent to a far of galaxy ,by a human master and will be asked to survive on their own.The only way of communication will be some invisible signals from this world to that far of world, obviously which the Robot with AI couldn't detect. In the long run, Robots with AI will multiply and try to find their existence of life. Other humans will send different forms of Robots with AI. Once the hardware of the Robots have exhausted their useful life, the software embedded in the Robots will be downloaded by humans to analyse the transformation process that the Robots have undergone as a race . Best softwares will be fitted within Robots with advanced hardware so that they can be used for the services of human race, no doubt these are few selected ones who were judged by the ability to take ethical /moral decisions and show immense courage, when they were undergoing their transformation /software Revisions in the alien world… The climax can be like asking the audience, do they still believe they have come in existence from just a big bang? If yes, please answer who made that big bang? Wasn't big bang a way to put some matter where human race can start their existence? What human is to AI robot race, same is GOD to human race. What software is to AI robot same is soul to human race. There can be more parallels drawn between the two worlds and production team can be given free hand to explore their creativity

  2. Pre programmed to answer a set script. The facial expressions are a very cleverly designed feature to give the illusion of consciousness. This thing is no more conscious than your smartphones verbal assistance program….or your microwave oven for that matter.

  3. Citizen of Saudi Arabia indeed? Has she converted to Islam? Why isn’t she wearing a hijab? Her resonse timing speech flow are faulty and need a lot of work. There are jerky head and mouth movements that are onviously intended to make her seem more ‘human’ – but do exactly the opposite – in fact, they are sometimes inappropriate. Her repertoire of lip movements is poor and they do not synchronise with her speech. Why no wig? While Japan’s Erica isn’t much better in terms of speech and facial pattern synchronisation, at least she is far more attractive.

  4. Wonder Why Saudi ? Wonder how many big , elites are behind this and most i wonder what efect will it have on humans giving the rapid speed of this inteligence growing like wild fire …this is the begining ( looks totally beautiful ) of the end …wonder how many generation until the total distruction of humanity …

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