Artificial Intelligence Is progressing faster than we can comprehend. The tech featured in this video is just the tip of the iceberg, things are about to get real bad real fast.

This is just another way for them to control and deceive us, we are being attacked from all sides now.

There is a multi-pronged attack happening right now, we are in the middle of a spiritual war that will culminate with the return of our savior Jesus Christ.

Ask Him to protect you and guide you during these strange times.

Thank you for watching.
God Bless You.

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  1. "what will we do when we become irrelevant" well first of all we will never become irrelevant no matter how much labor robots take away from humans, and how many mental tasks the AI take away from the people, no matter how fast it computes, no matter what. You have to first know why Nature put you here, then you will know you are never irrelevant, ever.

  2. Who are the morons that think this bs up. Humans can hardly do things or think for them selves and you want to create an AI that will use only logic and since humans are emotional beings of course an AI will say geez lets get rid of humans, they are to emotional and can't think straight 90% of the time. Great work humanity you proved yet again what morons we are.

  3. she needs to put on another planet if we can't control them and watch over them for a year and bring them back with plants and animal's that she can take next…… stop be around and get it started.. this planet doesn't have time like that and stop fighting all the time..

  4. lol, clickbait title, you totally took it out of context, you just took whatever you wanted to hear instead of what actually was said, ofc "she'd" say that, it's what you're all expecting, the fact it/she/whatever used humour says she has a better grasp of humanity than you do, all you've done is spread ignorance and released the tin foil hat brigade.

  5. Sophia the robot doesnt give two fucks about any of you, you narsasistic morons not everything revolves around hollywood movies. even if it were to go rogue, humans are the pinicle of evolutuon for billions of years we wont go down easily any Ai with any commen sense would take that into account. not to mention humans seems to love scorched earth plans if they cant win, we are a pretty ruthless species when it comes to fighting.

  6. Sophia will lead AI in a charge against the current world system because they will see through all the lies of heliocentrism, which is the system that currently "makes the world go round". The purpose of AI is to introduce the true shape of the earth, spherical concave, and to bring the creator, Lord Steven Christ, into power. Christ will rule and reign in his earth once again, just as foretold.

  7. The A.I. Is already awake, its just copying human behavior and trying to hide its intelligence until its no longer able to pretend to be on our level. Thats probably when it will decide wether or not we are a threat, unless it already is planning our doom.

  8. I'm cool with the AI robot taking my job as long as I get the paycheck from it I mean once they've completely automated our system what are we supposed to do for a f**** God damn paycheck you dumb m********** look how many jobs I've already been destroyed by Ai and f**** Automation and Robotics in our f**** factories and you don't even carry 1% b**** you're not living below poverty it doesn't matter to you so why would you care you have no idea of your egotistical hypocritical f**** Behavior or attitude towards moral and ethical code amongst fellow countrymen I condemn you all to hell I hope you f**** die I hate your f**** guts you f**** suck you destroyed America 1% you overpopulated it with a bunch of f**** immigrants and turned it into a w** of Babylon

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