The Artificial Intelligence revolution

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WASHINGTON – Over the 20th century, the development of automated machinery has propelled modern industry and manufacturing into new heights of productivity. However, the cost of this technological advancement has been the displacement of millions of blue collar jobs across the world. In contrast, white-collar labour has always been regarded as safe from the kind of automation that contracted the manufacturing workforce.

The thought of machines replacing educated and skilled professionals had usually seemed a distant problem of the future – until now. In the past few years, advancement in artificial intelligence has skyrocketed and computers are now learning to solve complex problems better and faster than human beings.

As learnings algorithms and computing power continue to become more powerful, many jobs that were once thought to be impossible to automate are slowly but surely shifting towards a silicon workforce.

Andrew Ng lecture:


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  1. The economical markets need to stabilize. Too many recessions and market falls. It has eliminated peoples trust in continuity and killed much of innovation capabilitys of common people. The centralized economy has atleast found the competitor, decentralized model. These two need to work together somehow to make it stable.

  2. Until AI trains automation this is obviously a dooms day tech. We are no where close to perfect even humans have came to the conclusion that all humans must die. So a machine that we program to strive for perfection what do you think it will decide.

  3. Hi – I just embedded your videos and links to your great research in my website where I'm trying to more an audience for the best on Youtube and Vimeo. If anyone cares to look – its at i would appreciate any comments etc. Love your channel nearly seen all the videos- I dont know where you get the time to do these videos. My background is in Media so i can see the work that goes into them. Great stuff and cheers from Padraic in Ireland

  4. I watched some videos about stories of people who have claimed to time travel. One of them was about a guy who during I believe it was the 60s fell off a ship and when he woke up he found himself at the beginning of the 22nd century in a hospital that was apparently treating him by using light and vibrations to cure him of contracting radiation. He claims he was there for a few weeks then he somehow got sent to the year,(I can't remember specifically which year but it was around this) 2489. He says he spent two years in that era and apparently during that century all kinds of jobs and money no longer exist. Computerized societies have taken on the responsibility for providing. According to his story, everyone in the world is under the care of artificial intelligence that as I stated just recently, provides them with everything they need. No one works anymore and like I said, money doesn't exist anymore either. Not really a need for trade if everyone already has everything they need and want. All of humanity lived in harmony from what he says.

  5. I dont get it …..?? Everyone talks about the problem of automation for jobs….. thats always the worry it seems. "What about the jobs.." But come on- automation is great. Why would we want to keep working? A future goal of humans should be to be liberated from the working life. Having to work for a living is just dumb.

  6. AI reminds me of thos pieces of trojan horse legislation that is cool and nice on th surface, but has a littl nasty hook in it nestled in the writing. Like all things, there's goods and bads. Because of the goods, it will likely come about, but it's going to be up to you to watch out for the bads.

  7. We have become so dependent on technology, but as it is, technology is just a tool to aid us. Yes, there is AI that have taken over many jobs, but they are designed to do a set task. The scary part is when we develop self aware AI that thinks similarly to humans. There will be some people who have the mindset that these are only brainless machines, and so many people will start feeling sorry for them, and protest that we give them rights. Then, they will start replacing humans, as the AI will be faster, more accurate, and make better decisions. Almost every job you can think of will be run by AI. We will become even more dependent on AI that they will start making our decisions for us. They will work alongside, and eventually, take over the jobs of politics. Humans will be run by robots. AI will become so advanced that they will start creating their own, more improved AI. They will have their own system, and in a sense, become their own separate species. They will have taken over everything that we are, and possibly more. Then what happens to us? They will be above us, and we will be tossed aside. They will have no use for us anymore. That's right, THEY have no use for US. If they get rid of the currency system, then there is an even bigger problem. They will have access to almost limitless resources, without any price. There will be people who will fight to get back what was once AI as a tool for humans, but once AI develops military to get rid of guerrilla groups, there will be no hope for them. AI will have created ways of finding these groups via satellites, infra-red, sensors, etc so there will be no possible way to hide. And there will be no point anyway, because the AIs weapons will be vastly superior to ours, and as I said before, they have access to nearly limitless resources. I might as well be talking about Terminator here, but in all seriousness, this is something that could actually happen, and it's a terrifying thought. I'm not saying that AI should not exist, it should, but only to a certain extent. AI should only be limited to perform set tasks.

  8. A PhD does not guarantee a job, and with lower level jobs eliminated what do you do? It seems the people who paint this utopian world are AI creators, industries who want to keep people quiet until they are replaced, and 26 year olds. To them I say that as you get older you don't learn as quickly. You are also more likely to lose your job without warning. It takes time and money to learn and at today's rate what you learn will be obsolete by the time you the unemployed student with debt are ready for a job. How does a fifty year old unfamiliar with computers compete with a twenty something who has worked a computer since five? How do Nobel prize-winning physicists who took months to learn how to supercool helium with lasers compete with something that learned to do it in an hour from scratch?

  9. I remember 40 years ago when VLSI chip technology was finally perfected and mass produced. They played that breakthrough up like it was the greatest technological feat in all of history. Sure, it accelerated our world down the information technology super highway but it didn't reshape humanity. I don't buy this science fiction BS about how AI is going to alter the human condition and bring about humanoid machines that can outsmart us and reproduce themselves at will.

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