The Movies (Game) – Episode 1

In Episode 1, we start fresh from what we did in the intro and go efficient. Let’s build a really nice studio and make us a star!


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  1. I remember this game back in 2005. Made stupid horror movies, showed them to my friends and had a blast time doing it. I think it's time for a revisit – too bad it's not on Steam and don't know where to get it.

  2. Does anybody know what the colors in the casting building mean? I guess red is the antagonist but what is green and blue? I made a three part movie where an alien monster was kidnapped by a female in a mini skirt and then saved by the guy I had thought I cast as the villain. Punching women to rescue alien monsters just doesn´t look right…

  3. I have always loved this game's music. It has one of the best early 2000s game tracks. 😀
    My problem with this game is I can't figure out how to make REALLY good movies(highest rating to far is 2 1/2 stars, and it was my first movie to make over $10K profit LOL.. 🙁 ), I've tried raising staff salaries, I've made better sets, and I've even went full-on research, tried to hire better script writers(which is near-impossible in the early to even mi-game), and I've even tried to go full-on prestige(which is totally not worth it by the way; I blew over $1 million on prestige plants and stuff, just to go from 5 stars to 3 thanks to my crappy movies). Anyone got any tips?
    OK it's pretty sad that I didn't even know this game had a modding community. And I've been playing this periodically for about 4 years now! Now I'm going to break my game with too many mods, I'm sure. I mean, I've done it countless times with Kerbal Space Program, Game Dev Tycoon, Minecraft, and even Sim City(you're probably surprised that there's someone that plays it), so based on my track record, The Movies will not be alive by the end of the weekend.
    So, this is a warning to you game: There is a 95% chance of ultimate overload. I recommend however that you work for me to the best of your abilities, or else your disk(yes I still have it) will be gone. Don't worry, though; I'll save it on a permanent hard-drive or something beforehand. 😛

  4. Hey just to help you all, when u start a game u can pause the game, while you are on pause you can still create ur lot place ur buildings, and for the actors it is better to hire them as extra's first, then you can practice with them on the set an gain their experience they are easier to work with as extra because they doesn't stress easily just a tip 🙂

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