These Are The Best Movies Of 2017

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From sci-fi originals to hard-hitting dramas to superlative horror films, the year 2017 delivered a bumper crop of excellent flicks for film lovers. The year was so chock full of cinematic wins that some critics have had trouble trimming down their lists of favorites. Even so, there’s no doubt that these movies are part of what made 2017 such a memorable year for movies…

Split | 0:21
Get Out | 0:58
Logan | 1:16
Beauty and the Beast | 2:12
Wonder Woman | 2:38
Baby Driver | 3:13
Dunkirk | 4:07
It | 4:54
Blade Runner 2049 | 5:48
I, Tonya | 6:41
Star Wars: The Last Jedi | 7:30
Thor: Ragnarok | 8:08
Phantom Thread | 9:12
The Disaster Artist | 9:51
The Shape of Water | 11:02
All the Money in the World | 11:42
The Post | 12:29

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  1. Pretty amazing, but I almost totally disagree with your selection and comments.

    Most of those movies were boring, pointless or just plain stupid.

    I haven't seen Split and Dunkirk, yet, so there's a possibility that I'll agree on those

    Wonder Woman had good moments and the best possible actress, but overall, the movie was abysmal.

  2. Beauty and the beast: just a modern remake. Shrugs. This is not special.
    Wonder Woman: Gives superhero OTT a new definition. The actress doesnt look comfortable in that skin. Huge potential wasted by an over compensated inferiority complex. Gives the last ghostbusters a bad name.
    Logan: Worthwhile although the end of an era leaves a depressing taste in the mouth that sours the film.
    Dunkirk: Worthwhile. A good story portrayed in a confused state that lets it down.
    Blade Runner: Worthy of extending the original in its own way…but doesnt really break new ground for me philosophically.
    Star Wars: Oh boy. This is not a superhero film. Why infect it with cheese ? Utter shame on the producers.
    Thor: Hate the new direction. Gritty realistic character study has become a comical cheese fest.

    All in all, film studios seems to be in an arms race to create the cheesiest OTT superhero movie out of 'any genre' they can get their hands on.
    God like powers and cheesy humour is the new gritty realism I guess.
    I would rather have a wonder woman with wonder woman skills and a batman with batman skills then a generic god with a different super hero costume on.
    Start blurring super powers and you start losing a super heroes identity.
    And star wars cheese ?….really ? I dont know if i am more disappointed at trashing the series or dismayed at the new emotive direction.
    If you want to make a comedy superhero movie dont work on star wars. The door is that way >>> ….clowns.

    To sum up. Best is subjective.

  3. With Wonderwoman, the thing that kills the experience for me was the moment they were doing something marvel wasnt, claiming that they wanna be different than them, they screw that moment up when they bring in Ares. It was about to do something much different and more meaningful in a superhero movie than marvel ever did in their movie and they screw that perfect moment with Ares, instead of a meaningful theme they had and perfect opportunity to be unique, they choose a mediocre CGI. That killed the fun and that killed the moment that people couldve had with conversations about war.

  4. Last 10 to 15 years nobady had made a movie who have intresting ,funny and creative story ….maybe few movies have that in one decade or 10 last years exp Avatar,Borat….the rest of movie industry is only coping old movies or comics nothing intresting except tv series movie sucks

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