ThinkProgress tries to slam Trump’s latest immigration initiative, flattens Bill Clinton in the process

As we told you earlier, the White House has formally announced that they will be enforcing a Clinton-era rule designed to” ensure non-citizens is not misuse our nation’s public assistance “:

UH OH! White House announcement about enforcing a’ Clinton-era law’ related to immigration could spark lefty president outbursts https :// MP4keFvlWm

— Twitchy Team (@ TwitchyTeam) August 12, 2019

People have been asking how many media stores would conveniently avoid the part about the legislation Bill Clinton signed in 1996. ThinkProgress was among the first to help answer that question 😛 TAGEND

The Trump administration can now bar immigrants for being too poor https :// X7cqKxnNNT scLtlfvD1N

— ThinkProgress (@ thinkprogress) August 12, 2019

Without mentioning Bill Clinton in the fib, ThinkProgress repeated partisans accusing the Trump admin of “weaponizing” the existing program( which came about because of bipartisan legislation Bill Clinton indicated in 1996 ).

Yawn then why did Clinton sign the law?

— Sparky “BigStick”McGonagle (@ Big_Bob_Mac) August 12, 2019

Maybe reporters should go ask him. #Crickets

Good. I’m glad Trump is enforcing this Clinton law.

— Gareth Bryne ⚔ (@ kmjoseph7 05) August 12, 2019

No. The Clinton admin did. Obama didn’t enforce the laws he was elected to enforce. He should’ve been charged. My money; my preference. Let them come legally, assimilate& WORK not rinse off me

— Dagny-Reagan-Taggert (@ Dagny_R_Taggert) August 12, 2019

Thank billy Clinton for the law that President Trump is enforcing.

— Brock KAG Sampson (@ KevinJWatt1) August 12, 2019

One final question 😛 TAGEND

I meditated immigrants didn’t use the welfare system? Isn’t that what everyone was told? So why is this a problem?

— RocknRollMom6 (@ RockNRollMom6) August 12, 2019

Back over to you, ThinkProgress!

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